January 02, 2012

Cold and Snow

It's days like these that make me think of RVing full-time. It's just not the weather, currently 24 with a high today of 28 degrees. Being in southern Indiana I will miss most of the storm predicted for the Great Lakes region, still when I think of 28 or 80 as a high temperature for the day.....my mind goes into the wonder mode.

Besides the weather, it is time off from work that makes me start thinking full-time RVing is right for me. I am starting my 3rd day off from work before returning to work tomorrow on the 3rd. I have to admit I have been pretty bored actually and that feeling is about the same with each long weekend I get off work for a holiday. The hounds and I have a walk or two per day, even later today in the snow a walk will take place. I've read some of the new books I bought recently, watched football games yesterday and will today. I also attended a great college basketball game New Year's Eve with IU upsetting #2 Ohio State.

Still I woke up on the 1st with that old 'itch' to hit the road....maybe it is the weather or the new blogs I have found that have me thinking again about the benefits of full-time RVing compared to being retired and staying here full-time. Here the pace is slow, the scenery is nice but there is that 'itch' to take off. If I were retired and living here I am not sure there is enough things to keep me occupied day after day. Traveling will definitely be a part of the plan no matter where I am living.

One of my readers said it best and it has been an idea I have played with back and forth since October. Keep the house, take some trips and see if RVing works with me and my hounds. If I decided that I love RVing and wanted to do it full-time, then rent out my house and it is still here when I decide to come back off the road.

Also something I have always thought of with that plan, from my travels I might find somewhere I would like to live after I stop RVing better than the place I live now.

Last night when looking a new blogs I saw a blogger with the same Toyota 4Runner that I have pulling a 17' Casita. They have traveled up through Canada and up to Alaska. That is a huge difference than buying a 35' Class A diesel pusher isn't it? I like some of the advantages of the Casita set up and every since I bought the 4Runner this past November I have thought of the small trailer - truck combo.

Well enjoy the warm weather. As I set here watching the big snow flurries outside my window, I am going to have another cup of coffee, read some new blogs, look at some RV's - Casita's - Buses for sale as I prepare to watch college football for the rest of the day starting at 1pm.