December 13, 2021

Just A Few Photos

You will see the hounds and the dog haven't been doing too much. Or is it the photographer that hasn't taken many photos of them? They run and play all over the backyard every day, even when the temps are in the 20's after the sun comes up. In the afternoons they chase Watson from one side of the yard to the other in the afternoons. The tornadoes were about 100 miles south of me. You will see the neighbor in a photo below cleaning up the mess in his front yard when his tall pine tree fell slowly across the street. I was able to see it mid-afternoon through my computer room window. That is about all I have. Merry Christmas.

December 01, 2021

An Unbelievable Verizon Story


They claimed it was a "nondestructable" Kong Bone but I knew better. Watson is very strong at 7 months old. Every muscle in his body is strong as well as his jaws just like any other bloodhound. For example Sadie and Stella when confined to a large black metal dog crate could bend those heavy steel rods on the crate. I could not even straighten back them with pliers. So I knew no matter what the reviews were on the internet, this great looking "nondestructable" bone wasn't going to look that nice very long.