June 28, 2023

Smoke From Canadian Fires

The smoke from the Canadian fires have reached all the way to Evansville Indiana today. My friend about a 100 miles north of me was describing this yesterday and if we get tomorrow what she is describing today, it will not be good. There is some rain in the forecast tonight so maybe that will change what is possible tomorrow. The photos do not really show just how hazy the sky is even with some editing.

June 25, 2023

Strange Blog Activity Lately

Besides my lack of time to put a blog post together on a regular basis, some strange things have been happening in the blog background. I have asked other bloggers that have a blog on this platform if they have ever seen anything like what I see, none have. For about a month now, there has been traffic from Singapore using Mobile Safari on an Android phone (very weird) that is clicking over a 1,000 pages per day. I thought it was "website indexing" or as some call it, harvesting.

June 03, 2023

The Hounds & Dog ESCAPE --- Gone !!!

Taking this photo and the next one of Henry this morning while standing in the great room, little did I know what would bring a HUGE adrenaline rush to me today. It was my fault as I had a total mental failure that led to their escape. Instead of going out of the fence gate to mow the grass I took the lawn mower from the shed, through a single door into the garage and out the opened garage door. While I mowed, due to the high temps the hounds and the dog were basking in their cooled AC rooms.