August 16, 2022

The Hounds Relaxed Today

It is always frustrating when Blogger doesn't cooperate when I added all the photos in a specific order while I use their 'compose' page. Some times it works but the majority of time it loads them all in reverse order. That is a lot to correct with 33 photos. So I go into the HTML side, delete everything on that page, reload the photos in the same order as before. Since I am on the HTML side of the page, for some reason Blogger will load the photos in the correct order.

August 14, 2022

Watson's Frustrating Weekend

Well we have had some exciting days here in the "big city". I will get to the city news I am sure most of you heard or read about on the news, at the bottom of the post. On the home front Watson made me wonder why oh why did I decide to buy another bloodhound, especially one that was a puppy and still is at 16 months old at the end of this month. Let's just say he has had a very frustrating weekend ... or was it me that had the frustration???

August 09, 2022

Finally Some Time Outside

By 6:30pm the hot temps had broken with storms south of us by a 100 miles. It was finally nice enough to sit on the patio and enjoy the end of the day. The hounds loved but the dog would not move. Walter did not join us outside for all the action that took place. All photos tonight of Henry and Watson enjoying 79°.

August 06, 2022

Hot Muggy & Busy

We have had a lot of rain lately here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana but so has Sierra Vista AZ. I miss those open sky light shows I use to see over the Huachuca Mts and the Mule Mts to the left. A Facebook photographer took this the other day. You can see his name in the lower left corner, Arizonan Yeti.

When it's not raining here, it has been hot and muggy, a typical summer in Indiana. I try to squeeze in the yard mowing in between rains which at times is not a lot of time to finish. With it hot the hounds, dog and I have been camping out inside most of the time enjoying the cold air conditioned air. So not a lot of blogable events to write about and just a few photos.