March 27, 2021

More Changes

Like some other times when there have been gaps in my blog posts, although I have not been a daily blogger for some time ... things are either happening or brewing in the background. In this case both have been pretty active and some no fault of mine. So A WARNING here, for me to tell all the stories this will be or could be a pretty long blog post. Not sure where I will start?? How about with the shortest story first??

March 13, 2021

Snow Flurries This Morning

It was cold but nice early this morning. I could tell by the clouds there was different weather at higher elevation. People had already posted photos of their yards with a light snow cover on the Cochise County facebook group. Looking at my iPhone weather it was not going to get higher than 44° today where just a few days ago it was up to 78°. I had a few places I wanted to go today ... The Diner and Miller Canyon.

March 11, 2021

The Mysterious Voice

I rarely have plans for the day when I finish my second cup of coffee. I basically fly by the seat of my pants on everything, where some days I don't get further than my backyard and other days I am all over town and the local area. It just depends what my scatterbrain wants to do, after all, it is also in retirement. Yesterday reminded me of days back in "the tropics" where I would be mowing the yard, glance at my car and decided it needed washed after the yard mowing. Then while washing one car I would decide I had to do the other one too. Yesterday was a lot like that.

March 09, 2021

Times Are Changing

Since our last post a lot of things are changing, here and nationwide. Obviously the blog theme or template has changed, the puppies are changing by getting bigger and possibly easier to live with. Henry is really giving me a run for my money ... funny funny basset hound and very mischievous. Walter has passed the 1 year mark and still considers himself the leader of the pack. Here are a few other things that have changed since I last posted -- gas prices, cost of groceries, warnings on where I can ride or hike, number of cars, different kind of cars, unbelievable decisions in DC, new residents, new houses, hot hot hot real estate market, and a lot of thinking.