June 04, 2012

Fridge Fixed .. House Cleaned ... Good Weekend

With my accounting degree NOT being a factor, I did a little "reverse engineering" on my fridge Sunday and not only fixed the lingering past problem but it also looks brand new on the inside. (cleaned)  Massive ice build up under the freezer floor and also a frozen drain tube.  As I reloaded the fridge and uncluttered the house, I put more items in the bags and boxes going on the next trip to Goodwill. After 24 hours the fridge is like new!

I am basically down to 2 closets to clear out in my downsizing evolution. They are small closets and I already know what I want to get rid of, so it will not take much time to do both of them.

I still don't know what to do. Some say keep the house and rent it while I am gone. The rent could pay my RV payment if I financed on or go into the bank if I buy an RV for cash. A few say workcamping jobs are available if I choose to work. Some people say pack up and leave now but I need to buy an RV first ... lol

Lately I've been thinking of an older Coachman, or Monoco and even a converted bus that was in good condition. Late last night I even went back to looking at Class C's. The number of dogs (3) I have tends to lead me way from the Class C's. Some that have 35' or longer RVs tell me they would rather have something shorter.

So, a lot of different opinions, a lot of different ideas ... and no answers ... just like I was in October 2011.

I think the weekend of the 16 or 23rd I am going to rent a new Class C and take it to the local State Park on the lake for my first RV trip. I think that will help A LOT in the decision making process. The local RV park (different than the state park) near the area where I work is packed for the summer, near the lake.

I am thinking probably the best thing I can do is keep the house, rent it out for as long as I am gone (months or years), keep downsizing, buy the RV that I have thought most about and hit the road heading northwest from Indiana within the next 2-4 months.  If I would have a deadline I would work my "to do" list faster.

Why all these thoughts today of packing up and leaving???

This morning driving to work through some beautiful 12 miles of land, I was wishing that I didn't have to stop to work but could just keep on going. It was early morning, the sun was just coming up and the traffic was light on a US highway.

Plus, I am in a "rut" with my current situation.  Even with a job I like, a house I like and good income ... I feel like I need a change and have a powerful urge to travel again.

June 02, 2012

I Could be Boondocking on BLM Land

Instead of boondocking, I slept later than normal today in my house and then started washing my car soon after getting up, with no other plans. Car washing was NOT on any list of things to do today. With the temps in the 60's, a slight breeze and some sun ... washing the car led to waxing the car, which led to cleaning the inside of the car which was already clean. Go figure.

The car looks great ... still, I could have spent the day, kicking back in the silence of BLM land out west with no one around except the 3 hounds, clear blue skies and nice sunshine. Maybe hiking the local area. Then with enough solar power stored to run my TV satellite dish I could watch a baseball game tonight if I wanted or I could just spend more time sitting outside with a fire enjoying the evening.

As it stands now, that is all wishful thinking because I have a house to "unclutter" tomorrow, a corner of my gutter to clean to keep the rain going down the spout instead of over the side of the gutter and a refrigerator to defrost in hopes of fixing the current minor problem it has.

A day of house related maintenance. Not my favorite thing to spend time on.

As I read all the blogs on my list, people I keep up with and their travels, my mind wanders even more than normal today. All had great pictures of places they are, most are finished with any RV maintenance I have read about the past few months. The ONE thought that keeps me thinking .... ALL of them that are RVing full or part-time, can wake up in the morning, change their scenery and by sundown have a different view entirely when they are looking outside their window or sitting by a fire.

Where I will wake up Monday morning like all my Monday mornings dragging myself back to work.

My spreadsheet analysis of my monthly revenue and expenditures tell the real story. It looks like I really only work to earn income just to preform house maintenance, yard maintenance, pay for my house and car insurance, buy dog food, some clothes and a very little entertainment. My biggest expense?  Gas going to and from work, only a 25 mile round trip commute.

On the road I know I would end up doing something online to generate income, or maybe workcamp if I found a job in a great location because that is just the way I am "wired'. I have to be doing something. Maybe not all 12 months but at least part of the year. I have worked full-time online before but the niche I was in changed drastically after 4 years, so I went back to work instead of finding something else to do online to generate income. So online income is always a possibility if needed.

I guess what I am trying to say is, my spreadsheet of monthly expenses shows me that I have enough monthly pension right now to live on full-time RVing ... without a job...without this house.

I read something tonight on someone else blog, where it was stated on a forum something to the effect ... even if your house is paid for there is always money spent for upkeep, maintenance, unexpected repairs, insurance, yard maintenance.

So is that what I am really working for right now?  Just to pay my house off (I'm very close) ... just so I can put more money into it in the future to keep it in good shape ... instead of waking up tomorrow and changing my scenery because I feel the need to move somewhere else or see the next great mountain or canyon while I am boondocking out west on BLM land "enjoying the good life" as John says.