February 10, 2020

I'm No Longer Going To Blog

For those that have asked where I am, if the hounds are okay and if I am okay ... everything is fine. I have not posted anything official as far as my blog plans because I was either too busy or at times still undecided. It's rained this afternoon so I have time to make the announcement that I am no longer going to blog. I've done this before over the last 8 years but this time it's different. My life is different and the days are filled with outdoor activities.

Thanks to all that followed the insanity, that liked following the hounds and seeing the photos of my short trips. Many trips or hikes I take now are without a camera and very enjoyable. The more I did or do outside the less time I found I had to sit down and put a blog post together.

I've pulled the plug on tv and that is now used only for DVD movies or my PS4 games of Grand Turismo or PGA Golf. I do neither one of those a lot but it was something to do during the winter. Less tv means a lot more book reading. Heidi has walked more out here than she did totally back in Indiana. Stella still begs for food and her morning walks.

So thanks again for following, the emails over the years ... it's been fun ... but the blog has ran its course so to speak.

Every day seems to be a great one here in the 'Wild West.