November 16, 2020

They Love November Sunshine

Normal routine here with some slight changes since the temperatures are finally normal for this time of year. That means more yard time for the hounds, a little more digging for Stella and Henry (easy to correct). Henry is getting longer by the hour. Walter is so heavy I can barely pick him up. Heidi and Stella continue to keep their sleep habit active. Took a Sunday drive down to Miller Canyon, then south on Hwy 92 to Hereford Rd and came back home on Moson ... country roads. It's been great weather, perfect in fact.

November 09, 2020

Arizona Skies Are Beautiful

The skies have been amazing the past few days while a storm blew through on Saturday night. No damage, none expected but the chair and camping table blew out into the backyard while luckily the new Mexican table holding my small Weber grill stayed intact. Sunday was too windy to ride a bike, 15mph-20mph with wind gusts that made it hard for me to stand up while standing in the backyard watching the clouds.

November 05, 2020

Quietness Among The Chaos

This morning's sunrise does not acknowledge all the noise. Hounds and the dog are fine.

November 01, 2020

Not Much To Report


As you will see from the number of photos and lack of activity, there is not much to report for these past few days that is blog worthy. Stella, Heidi and I do the daily walk without a camera. Walter and I take out the trash as he walks with me. Henry is growing faster than fast and Heidi has been camping out alone, inside or out.