May 31, 2021

Checking Off Tasks Continues

I think I left you last post with Walter supervising my house maintenance. It was another week of that with some added features. It finally got hot, upper 80s, humid to where Stella was panting like the old days. Then it rained right after I mowed the yard as planned. There has not been a lot of rain during the day but I have seen more rain the month I have been here than I did the past year in Sierra Vista AZ. No photos to prove it but my septic tank was pumped clean last week. He said the tank itself was in great shape and that was good to hear since it is 62 years old. The hounds and the dog continue to adjust to their new home, neighborhood with less barking, more relaxing and still getting pets each time they are seen outside.

May 24, 2021

Walter Supervises House Maintenance

Walter likes to be in the middle of the action. Today was a good day for him because while he was out front with me supervising my early morning leaf blowing, there were chances for him to bolt to see someone out like Henry would do in an instant. He stayed where he was when I told him to and once we were finished, his ears lay back and he runs like any bulldog to the backyard, up onto the deck and stands at the patio door to get inside. Today was a busy day, a lot done and some answers.

May 23, 2021

A Little Excitement On Thursday

Since I posted last Wednesday, it has been an interesting four days and Sunday isn't over yet. I will say the hounds and the dog continue to get better in the yard when they see neighbors outside. Henry is always on his long cord that stretches to the property line in different directions. Stella hangs out in the yard free of any leash UNLESS I walk inside to do something quick and by that time she is in the backyard two houses over. Walter hangs out with me in front or back and doesn't bolt if he sees someone out front. He WILL go to the neighbors yard if he sees them, only to get petted one time and then comes trotting back home so proud.

May 19, 2021

Henry & Walter Like Their Neighbor

We started the day with some steady rain, windows open and a cool breeze through the house. I had some plans for the garage this morning and needed a trip to town a few miles away for gas and some screws that were missing for my new shopvac. The hounds and the dog had a good day hanging out with me while I worked in the garage and then late this afternoon in the backyard after I pulled out my Nikon D3500 for the first time.

May 17, 2021

The 1960 VW Single Cab Delivered

The plan was always to replace the 1959 VW Single Cab truck I had with an old stock version of the truck. Stock height not lowered, original paint and preferably some rusted patina. (worth more when selling). I had been looking for that kind of single cab truck and a panel van since last December. I had found panel vans but I didn't want to pay $35,000 or more for one. Right before I moved I bought this 1960 single cab on the Samba website and contacted a shipper to find a transport from Mercer Island WA to my new house.

It was picked up last Thursday the 13th with plans of being delivered a week later, this Thursday. There was a little cushion in case the trucker ran into snow in Wyoming. I got a phone call Sunday afternoon telling me he was ahead of schedule and delivery would be this morning. Once I told them I was always up at 5am, I got another call and the driver said he could be here around 6am. I pulled into a vacant parking lot about 6:15am and saw him heading my direction.

May 15, 2021

Hounds And A Dog Getting Better

By the day the hounds and the dog are getting used to their new home and new yard. Today was a good day for them. Early this morning before I did some yard work we spent time outside. Henry always on the 40' cord, Stella and Walter roam free. Walter later followed me around to the front yard while I blew out dead leaves from the flower beds before mowing/mulching them. He stuck around and didn't run away. Stella slept through most of the morning in her favorite spot in the weeds and Henry just hung out in the backyard looking for his new friend next door.

May 14, 2021

Sunshine Time For The Hounds & Dog

As we have done everyday when the sunshine is out, the hounds and the dog and I have spent time outside enjoying the heat, the blue skies and puffy clouds. It's quite a change from spending time in the backyard in Sierra Vista. You see and will see that Stella really enjoys the grass yard more than the rock. Henry likes the deck and Walter tried to sneak away again just like on Tuesday. I caught him coming from the front yard when he heard me calling him.

May 12, 2021

A Rough Dog Day Yesterday

It is tempting to jump right into yesterday's activities. There are many to write about. I thought instead I would back up a little and show why I have been so busy lately that taking photos is almost non-existent. With the FedeX delivery yesterday I am now to the point where a bike ride is planned for this afternoon led by my old friend that knows the city, all the bike routes and bike paths. Yet, the environment for the hounds and the dog will be much different due to their decisions yesterday. You will see what I am talking about further down the post. It was quite a day.

May 11, 2021

Henry Is A Funny Hound

Sunday was a forecast of a full day of rain. Early that morning while looking for birds in their yard or that stray cat that comes out from hiding on the berm blocking the field, Henry decided the cool breeze and the light sound of rain drops hitting the trees was the perfect time to stretch-out and relax. He does this a lot. With more square footage inside and a larger yard outside, both puppies get a lot of running in. Things continue to move smoothly and I am basically down to doing just the 'to do' list I have made for the yard and house stuff. Things are back to normal now.

May 09, 2021

It Really Was Unbelievable Move

I was going to post this Thursday night but got involved with some other stuff and didn't have the time to write a post. Then Friday night my new internet service lost connection. They scheduled a tech to come out today of all days and he did a thorough exam from the cable box on the telephone pole, my junction box outside the house and finally in my computer room. He found out it was a splitter they include with the self-install kit. So we are back up and running. I did a and saw I have 480Mbps download speed and over 20Mbps upload speed ... I have never had that fast of speed ever in my internet days.

May 06, 2021

We Arrived Safe And Sound

I sit in my new computer room with an entirely different view out my corner room windows. So much green, sounds of birds and the smell of clean air. That is one thing both the movers and the guy that transported my VW told me they noticed as soon as they stepped out of the trucks. Clean smelling air. I will try to update you with the trip with 28 photos dating back to my last blog post. You see cattle in back of the house in Sierra Vista. A few weeks prior to departure they dropped off a large number of cattle to graze. They made the doberman bark more due to his confusion about the intruders.