May 26, 2019

Everything Is Fine

Just a short update. The hounds and I are in good health, no problems. I am just very busy right now and haven't had time to blog. Besides, the hounds have been 'hinting' at blog retirement. Time will tell.

May 16, 2019

Stella Boycotts Morning Walk

This is Stella's new morning routine. She will whine that she wants to take the walk in the morning but that has turned out to let me know she just wants to go outside. Again on Wednesday morning she wasn't going anywhere. Afternoon walks are also in question, some days yes, some days no. It's funny how she comes up with these changes.
A few minutes before 6am this morning I glanced outside and there was a light fog hovering over the top of the hay. I headed outside as fast as possible to take a picture while the hounds were chowing down on their morning kibble. (It's raining again at 7pm)
This morning she stood there doing nothing and it was about the time I started walking back to the house when she started slowly walking to the field. Only to eat wet grass.
I thought the Azalea was dead but some signs of life. The other three are growing like gangbusters and are the same position under the roof overhang.
Heidi came out right after lunch but she wasn't going anywhere either. Although she ended up spending most of the afternoon outside alone, wandering, taking a walk in the grass and then sleeping in the backyard under the sunshine.
Once Stella saw that I was walking away in the field she decided a Thursday morning walk might be a good idea.
She was running so fast she ran right past the camera.
The race was on to see who would get into the house first
When I didn't see Heidi for an hour or so outside I started walking to the field and there she was. She was just returning from her own walk and exploration.
I am getting a lot done. I am very tired by the time I finish and the nights are not long enough. All is good though in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

May 14, 2019

The Hounds Enjoy The Sunshine

Every morning lately Stella is not certain she wants the morning walk. She has to think about it, sniff a little, thinks some more and look around. Today was a morning where she decided she would head out. Until she hit the field, she still wasn't sure. The grass yard was really wet and she does not like getting her paws wet.
It's official ... another morning walk in the books.
After lunch she couldn't resist to take a nap in the sunshine. Her nose was pressed into that stepping stone.
Heidi prefers grass if she is going to sleep.
She went outside three or four different times in the afternoon. She did explore the field again alone but spent most of her time in the yard.
She is a much happier hound in warm weather. Like me, she is not a winter person.
I took a little time for some baked salmon and peas with Kerrygold nonsalted butter. The next big project ... I am painting not just a couple of room like I had planned but all the rooms plus all the ceilings. Luckily I love to paint houses, inside and out. A bottle of Ibuprofen will be nearby right before I call it a day.

All is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

May 11, 2019

Heidi Does Her Own Walk !!!

That 'to do' list I spoke of a few months ago is getting an early start this year and I am not waiting until the hot weather in July or August to start this year. Plus there are some other things going on, where I am really really busy and blogging has slid down the list of priorities to the bottom. I have a lot to do, so my blogging will be very sporadic for a while and it might be longer than a week between posts. This morning I am off to a slow start so I thought I'd update what the hounds have been up to.

It wasn't raining nor had it the night before but Stella wasn't sure she was going on a walk. On Thursday when she did this I turned around and went back inside just as she did. She didn't want to walk any time on Thursday so we didn't and the weather was great.
Friday morning was a different story but I had to yell while she stood there to "come on". We have also started our walks from the north part of the yard on the return path, such as she would do if it were raining or wet. New routine and I'll follow it if that is what it takes for her to go on a walk.
There have been a few times we have walked without the camera because I just don't have time to break up my day once I get started. I have to take advantage of my motivation and get the work done while I am in the mood for it. No matter what we do though, the field is growing taller by the minute, I'm still mowing every two days between the rains and I am trying my best to focus on one project at a time.
Around 7pm last night it sure looked interesting in the western skies. I turned around and Heidi was gone, out of sight, left, right, in the front yard, next to the southern bank ... nowhere. So I took off on the path in the field and when I got to the back, straight ahead ... she wasn't there, no sign of her.

I veered left following the path that parallels the edge of the field and woods as if Stella and I were taking our afternoon walk. Then JUST BARELY I see the tip of a white tail moving left to right. It was her and her white tipped tail was doing exactly what it is designed to do ... help find a basset hound in the field when they are hunting. I'm serious about that.
I didn't want her to see me because I wanted to see how far she would go. She was taking her time sniffing and investigating different spots along the path but never walking off the path. I stayed around 30 yards behind her the whole way. She walked as far as she normally would with Stella and I, when she usually lets us walk on and she stays behind.

It looked like the same exact area. About that time SHE TURNED AROUND !!! She was heading home and I didn't want her to see me. So I trotted to the house, went inside to grab the camera for her return entrance into the yard. I could see her white tail tip moving through the field
She stood there for a few minutes before she figured out where I was and then came running. I could not believe that she came to me inside to let me know she wanted to go outside, only to take off on her own walk while I was looking at the weird skies.
>This morning Stella was ready to walk but still heading out to the north side of the yard
Well I have to get back to the next listed task. Like I said, we will not be around much but will post some photos when I can.

Very busy times here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.