October 28, 2021

Watson Home Safe & Sound

I got the call around 11:30am telling me he had eaten his breakfast with no issues. When they went to check on him he was standing up wagging his tail. They said after the doctor checked him later I would most likely be able to pick him up today.  I pulled in their lot about 1:39pm. 

October 27, 2021

The $4,000 Mexican Blanket

For the story to be told well enough to understand, this could will be a long post. Since it starts on Sunday afternoon, it has been a hectic three days. I left the house like I have every since I put the fence up, hounds and the dog have free reign of the property while I am gone. I "Watson Proofed" the counters before I left. Only to come back home with a large thick glass laying on the floor broken into a few pieces. I could find most of the large pieces, all but one, so I knew that was a better sign than the original image.

October 23, 2021

Routine Moving Toward Winter

The hounds and the dog can tell that the season is changing. Their routines are changing ever so slightly as the overnight temps get colder and it takes longer for the sun come up. Right after their breakfast, which is as soon as possible after Walter wakes all of us up, they head to new spots to sleep. Henry and Watson head for the dark bedroom, Walter is right behind my desk chair. I was told yesterday it has been too warm for leaves to change color. In past Octobers I blogged about my "leaf project" supervised by Sadie and Stella. This year I am mowing a few of them every week and most of them are green and still on the trees.

October 16, 2021

First Chilly Morning In The 40's

Like all my other hounds, these two and the dog are major sports fans. While I watch they sleep. With MLB playoffs (haven't watched) NFL football, College Football, F1 Racing there are a lot of options IF I take time to sit down. Watson keeps me on the go most of the time as does this house and the yard. A little bit more than I estimated as far as yard work and keeping the place clean. Consequently not much has changed in the last nine days since my last post.

October 07, 2021

Hounds & Dog Move Into Fall

Unless I look at my date and time in the upper right screen of my iMac I sometimes forget what month it is. I have the time but no calendar, or date on my Apple Watch faces for either watch. The weather has been fantastic though as we have settled into our move that took place five months ago. The temps are dropping but are about the same ranges as Sierra Vista AZ ... the only difference or a few differences, is the intensity of the sun and the view of those Huachuca Mountains. The hounds and the dog love the patio here though and spend as much time outside as possible. With the patio door open most of the time, they can come and go as they please. Believe it or not in that photo, Watson is a week past five months old.