January 31, 2021

A Little Trip To Tombstone

It is perfect weather this time of year with cold mornings that climb into the 50's by noon and hotter by the afternoons. Sunshine almost every day, not counting the storms last week, storms that we really needed. It will be a few months before Carr Canyon Rd is open again where I can drive the 9,600' climb to the highest peak on the right there. The dogs love it because they can hang out in the backyard for as long as they want without hiding in the shade. Consequently the past few days since my last post I have spent a lot of time out and about the local area with the camera left at home.

January 28, 2021

Hounds & Dog Hibernate

It was 28° as the sun filled the sky. With the snow in the mountains the winds from the S-SW are colder now. Let's say throughout the day the two hounds and a dog did not spend any more time outside than needed. I didn't either. I had plans to go out to check different areas that were closed at the gate or had heavier snow than I had here in town. As usual things can change within minutes and those plans were put aside for another day. In its place I had a nice two hour phone call from an old friend that I had not heard from in almost a year.

January 26, 2021

Freezing Winds & Snow

Opening that door this morning in the dark for the first time reminded me of the winters spent in Indiana, where the bloodhounds wanted to go for a walk through the field and Heidi hanging back inside to sleep. The only difference was the temperature. It felt freezing at 28° at 5am but that was nothing compared to the single digit temps we use to walk in. I know it's winter here but I want spring. I moved to get away from stuff like today ... although it was actually pretty nice to see from a distance.

January 25, 2021

Miller Canyon Winter Exploration

I knew there would not be that much snow "up there" yet. I knew from growing up in Indiana with a VW bug that they were good in snow. I had no doubt that I could make it to the turn around on Miller Canyon. Based on what the weather was like would determined if I went to Montezuma Pass. I waited for two cups of coffee to be consumed, let the hounds and the dog out a few times and then grabbed my Nikon, my iPhone and took off.

January 24, 2021

It's Cold & Snow Is Close

I am a little late with this post because I did say the other day that I would post something this weekend with the hounds and the dog. It took a while to come up with anything blog worthy because they have not been doing much since it's been very cold today after another night of rain last night. You can see we finally have some snow on the mountains. Looking at the Windy app, it shows the snow will start at ground level late Monday night after midnight and will continue through Tuesday morning. But with temps in the 40s on Tuesday it will not stay around too long. Long enough for photos.

January 22, 2021

Cars Cars And More Cars

No ... don't get too excited, I am not jumping into the car collector world. Believe it or not this is a family owned car lot downtown and all of these cars are for sale. Last Saturday my friend that owns the bike shop couldn't leave work and wanted me to go down to check out a Ford Expedition for him. It had the 7.3L diesel and could be a replacement for his Ford truck he wants to sell that has the same engine. So while I waited for the owner to get back to the car lot, I took a look around.

January 16, 2021

Henry Continues To Impress

"The Mystery" of the day, week or this next month is where did Henry find this tree limb? I asked both neighbors Friday night if they might have tossed Henry a 'toy' over the fence but neither did and thought it was funny. He is quite the explorer. Or did someone walking behind the fence, which I never see anyone doing besides me or my neighbor, toss it over to the dogs in the backyard? Not sure but it came from somewhere early Friday night.

January 10, 2021

The Weather Is Nice This Winter

The hounds and the dog are really enjoying their days outside this winter. Hot and dry is not good for water supplies but it's perfect for them. They spend a lot of their time outside in back, while I am at home or if I am out running errands. I fill the holes they dig back up and the next day they will move the rocks to where they can get to bare Arizona dirt. Henry is a hunter of wood buried under the rock. Stella always feels the dirt is better to sleep on but with Walter, I am not sure. Font sizes are too small for laptops and tablets but if adjusted they are too big for phone readers. You will have to adjust them from your device unless I find the magic answer.

January 05, 2021

New Year New Template

I have always liked this style of blog but at the time my blog was structured with a sidebar that had photos of each hound and the dog. It had a list of blogs I followed and the archieve of past blog posts. So I chose not to use it. With changes a few months ago to just listing the blog posts and no sidebar, this style became an attractive option. Navigation is a little different if you are on a desktop computer (me) or a laptop. I will give you a brief tour. For those on tables and phones, there should not be much difference in what you see. After a full day of running, playing, barking, eating wood found under the backyard rocks and checking for the dogs next door ... they turn into this usually by 7pm every night.