April 28, 2024

Just Photos

The sounds of Henry and Ava barking led me to these photos. Of course as they saw me they stopped the best photos from being taken. Highlight of the day besides great weather, I installed a new blade on the lawn mower. I bought the last one in stock at Home Depot. Had a siesta, watched a little baseball, ate a salad, sat on the patio and thought about stuff. A good day.

April 26, 2024

Ava's Vet Trip & Game Of Fetch

This was Ava's first vet trip to the one I use. I prepped the passenger seat with a blanket, a leash connector to the seatbelt to keep her in the car and attached the leash, all before I brought her out to the FJ. As I connected her to the leash, she sat down and looked around as I closed the driver's door. I needed to go back inside and grab some paperwork. She never barked, never cried and didn't get feisty attempting to get away. She was sitting there calmly looking at me as I climbed into the passenger driver's seat. A friend of mine pointed out that mistake and I corrected it 11:20pm CT.

April 25, 2024

The Farmer's Dog Story

A little out of the normal format tonight because I have a story that I feel needs to get out so those readers with dogs will not go through what my friend's friend went through after her dog started eating the fresh food from The Farmer's Dog Company. 

[photo credit: mysubscriptionaddiction.com]

April 22, 2024

Perfect Weather For The Hounds & Dogs

Perfect weather today for the hounds, dogs and I. They played most of the morning while I rested horizontally most of the morning. Not sure why but I am dragging in the mornings any more. Coffee isn't helping so I will have to change to a different brand. Mowed the yard again, which happens about every four days this time of year. No plans tonight but watching a little of the Reds game. The scheduled starting pitcher drives me insane so I may be moving to a book or a movie soon after the game starts.

April 21, 2024

A Cold April Sunday

You can see what kind of day we had just by Watson's photo. The low 50s might have been their preferred temperature but not mine. I anxiously wait for next weekend where the highs will be back in the 80s. Now the hounds and puppy did not sleep most of the day like Walter did. Ava was the leader of the pack in playing outside. They chased each other all over the yard and inside, tugged on bones they didn't want to share, crawled on each other and watched the other next door neighbor mow their yard today. They are all sleeping in the computer room as I write this after their very active day.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday morning started off sunny but cold, around 40°. Normal morning routine. A trip to the grocery store gave Ava a chance to prove to me she was good on the loose with the other hounds and dog. She passed the test in flying colors. She continues to do well in her day to day living. Sunday will be interesting as I attempt to cut her nails for the first time ever. She has no problem letting me hold her feet or touch her pads so things should go well.

April 19, 2024

Friday Night Baseball

Friday Night Baseball on AppleTV but not the Reds game. I pick those up on Bally Sports Ohio every game. I don't like them but they started wearing the MLB "City Connect" uniforms on Friday home games. I cannot tell if the Reds are 'contenders' or 'pretenders'. It's early, three missing out of the starting lineup due to long term injuries. Hovering around .500 in a tough Central Division.

April 18, 2024

The Buffalo Horns

I was planning to buy Ava deer antlers because that is what the breeder said she liked. The store didn't have any but did have Buffalo Horns. It is sitting on top of her leg. Very popular where Henry thinks it is his and will let others know, he is serious about possession. Good day today. Severe storms in about an hour. The siren has been sounded, possibly as a test. Mowed all of the lawn today since it would rain tonight. IU spring football game was good to see on tv. I'm tired and cannot figure out what is wrong. I had to take breaks again mowing the yard and this spring is the first time I've every had to do that.

April 17, 2024

I'm In A Rut

For some reason in all this great weather, Walter and I rarely get out of the computer room. There the windows are open, a cool breeze keeps the ceiling fan off. He sleeps and I read the internet. I have not captured that annual spring cleaning feeling that I always get and end up doing a deep clean throughout the house. Why? Where's the energy?

April 16, 2024

Ava Showing Personality

Late start to the day due to low energy. Have the backyard mowed and the fence line trimmed in time for storms after 11pm supposedly. Even in the afternoon the grass was still wet down by it's roots and it has not rained in days. Ava is starting to show some personality now. She still looks like she is getting taller by the hour. Feel tired but it's been a good day.

April 15, 2024

Ava Growing By The Hour

She stands taller than Henry now. I don't have to bend down so far to pet her. She gallops at times when she runs inside or outside. She obeys "stop" for playing. She "come" when called. She turns to face me when she hears her name. She is going to be a good dog. But like a friend reminded me today with a photo ... months 4-24 might be terrible. LOL

The hounds and dogs may have felt the heat more than me because it never felt like it was 85° with the windows open and a good breeze flowing through the house.

April 14, 2024

Ava Starts Leading Activity

She is quiet. So far she only barks when she is playing. She will follow me but isn't clingy. She knows hand signals and a some commands. She has been here nine days and a great addition to the crew. Even Walter was back to normal this morning for the first time since she arrived and that was good to see.

Posting From Firefox

Comments are open and back to normal. My first test this morning for posting photos on the blog worked. I am doing this using Firefox instead of Safari. All I needed to do was clear History on Safari and it works there too. It was a great day yesterday and will be today with highs in the 80s. The hounds and dogs loved the time they spent outside. They were playing so hard that Ava ran into the computer room by herself panting for air. Henry followed her but never made it past the entry way as he laid on the hallway floor to cool off. I am repeating myself but she has been just a fantastic puppy to live with. Smart and learning commands. 

April 12, 2024

Watson Grooms Ava

I snapped off 13 photos of Watson grooming Ava around lunch time. With the rain unexpectedly returning there wasn't a lot of photos taken this morning. As you will see in the end, it has been a pretty relaxing day and the hounds and the dogs decided to call it a day today right after their lunch.

April 11, 2024

The Hounds Love Ava

I think Ava is growing by the hour. Again this morning she sprinted for her food bowl while Watson took his on the left side of the room. It was a cold and rainy day, much like the PNW days I experienced on Whidbey Island many years ago. Walter is becoming more active with photos below. The hounds love Ava and she loves them. She is such an easy puppy to live with. [Comments have to be moderated for a short time. Blog hit by spammers. Just post your comment once, you won't see it post because I will have to approve it before it is seen. Thanks]

April 10, 2024

Ava Likes The Rain

In 1975 while in college I bought a Basset Hound/German Shepherd mix named Gretchen. A local rescue agency interviewed my wife and I in depth before they showed us only certain sized dogs. We lived in an apartment at that time, thus the mid-size dog was offered. With an all day light rain I found out that Ava does not mind the rain although it was a light rain. All three didn't mind it and Walter even went out after his lunch. He is not pictured today since he has been hiding in the computer room sleeping his day away.

April 09, 2024

Today Was Too Quiet

With the nationwide eclipse excitement yesterday, it was a little too quiet today. Henry and Watson got into a fight while playing tug of war on a large rope bone but that was about all I heard today. Ava had another great day. It's hard to believe she is a little older than 11 weeks and has only been here since Friday night, not quite four days.

April 08, 2024

Eclipse Day 2024

The day did not start promising if we were going to be able to see the eclipse directly in its path. Fogged in until 9:30am, then it was bright and sunny. Yet seeing the dense fog I had to wonder a little if the local weathermen and women had made a miscalculation on sun visibility.

April 07, 2024

She Knows Her Name

First of all the photos are in reverse order, that is with me not sorting them before downloading. The tests I did before, three different ways made no difference, they were never in the correct order. Anyway this is Sunday's activities. From now on I will post a list of photos of the day at 6:30pm Central Time. 

April 06, 2024

She Had A Great Saturday

Besides beautiful weather at 56°, the lawn mowed and the Reds come from behind to win ... the puppy (still not named) had a great Saturday. Of course she is now getting use to a new yard, a new house, new dogs and hounds so it was to be expected but there were some surprises too.

Is Ava or Hilda Her Name????

Even with March moving at speed we haven't been doing to much more than the past months. Like many others, I have had a cough that is lingering but finally after weeks it is almost gone the past three days. (March 20) March Madness has started so I have spent some time in front of the tv watching a lot of college basketball games. Weather has been great but since it gets so cold at night, those higher daytime temps don't feel as warm. I started this post March 23rd ... I'll note the latest news down below.