July 22, 2023

A Lot Of Surprises This Week

It did not seem like it at the time but sitting here on a Saturday night a little after 7pm local time, there were a few surprises this week. One surprise is I am writing a LONG blog post with a MILLION PHOTOS. I am also going to try an experiment loading the photos because I want to insert tonight's hounds activity in between some of the ones I have loaded early ... I have just decided the hound photos will be after these next few photos. I say hounds because Walter is not pictured but one time and I will explain why in tonight's post.

July 15, 2023

Doctors & Doctor's Advice (Ranting)

This will be a LONG post. Grab something to drink.

Saturday morning after writing and posting this around 2:18am last night, I added two links of reference at the bottom of the post. There are many more links I could post but just too many links to add here. These two will help those that are interested though. Thanks for stopping buy.

No photos with this blog post, just straight out late night (after midnight --- finished at 2:18am) rambling. A cord was struck within my brain a few minutes ago when I saw someone mention "doctors advice" .... see lately I have found a group of people in my age group 65 - 71 that have talked about NOT following their doctors advice after doing it for 30 some years. I found them on Twitter because Twitter thought I might be interested and fed me their tweets ... if that makes any sense.

Person after person "testifies" how they were unhealthy for years with things like obesity, diabetic type II, heart issues ... the normal stuff. Their doctors had kept them on meds for decades ... not years ... decades. They ate the USA Recommended Diets, the Triangle of foods. They claim they never got better, never felt better all those years UNTIL they went off on their own path and basically said "screw it, Im tired feeling this way".

July 08, 2023

Just A Short Update

Just a short update with a few photos to let you know we are fine, all of us have a pulse and nothing has really changed since the last post. The is Henry sound to sleep with Watson holding his head in place so he can clean the inside of Henry's ears and later his jowls as Henry will wake up soon after. It is a daily morning thing now but it will eventually change.