May 29, 2024

Hounds & Dogs Approve


Watson, Henry and Ava approve of all the work that was done today and things are very close to being normal again. Fence appraiser said all I need are 7 new posts, the sections and gate can be reattached to the new poles. With their new system the same concrete will be used, no need for pulling them out and digging new holes.

Walter refused to come outside and enjoy the beautiful cool weather at 84° today.

Storm Repair Finished

I am calling the job finished because the major part was done this morning by a 3 man crew that contracts out for Spectrum and AT&T. By 11:30am not only had they hung the three cables on the new pole but tightened my AT&T fiber wire and started the job at my neighbor's backyard by connecting her Spectrum wires back up to the pole in her backyard.

May 28, 2024

Storm Repair Update

Just off the phone with CenterPoint Energy. They are not liable for the damage to my fence "call your insurance company" ... "we are only liable for the damage to our poles, our equipment" But they are going to come out and repair the hole from the transformer hitting the ground and the tracks from their pole hole machine that tracked through the wet saturated yard.

A friend of my neighbor's (cousin) showed up early yesterday with a large trailer, the truck to pull it and two different size chain saws. By 9am they had the tree nearest the pole, completely cleared. By 3pm their yard looked like this ... completely cleared.

Compared to this just the day before.

May 27, 2024

Storm Damage Sunday Morning

I was watching the F1 race in Monaco and started to lose satellite tv signal Sunday morning. I pulled the fireplace out enough to reach in there and get that antenna that tapes on the wall so I could see the Indy race on NBC. I knew that antenna would work, as all the four network channels are in HD quality. While I was leaning against the wall the loudest clap of thunder I had ever heard shook the wall I was leaning on.

May 25, 2024

Baseball On The Radio

A little bit different Saturday night, but it's still early as I write this so plenty of time for a movie after the Reds game is over. Since 221 miles is more than 168 miles, the local FOX channel is showing the St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs game instead of the one I want to watch the Cincinnati Reds vs the Los Angeles Dodgers. So I have tuned into the radio broadcast, which I like better actually since the radio play play announcer is better than the one on tv for the Reds games. As you can see, Walter was more interested in enjoying the cool weather with the ceiling fan on.

May 23, 2024

A Surprise Tonight

With Ava arriving a month and a half ago, our mornings start at 5:30am now ... today I took the photo of the neighbors shed at 5:14am ... It was going to be a busy day since my internet connection was lost last night around 5:30pm. Everything is automated now and by the time I was finished punching numbers and answering AT&T texts, I had an appointment for anytime between 8am and noon today. He arrived at 8:45am.

May 19, 2024

A Lot Going On

We have been pretty busy lately with yard work, pulling weeds, cleaning house, watching baseball, plus the normal reading. Anyway to start, Ava went to her final appointment for shots, rabies certificate, blood work for her spay operation in July and a stool sample. They called back on Wednesday that she had a clean bill of health. I bought 3 chewables of he NexGuard+ for her ... $117 for that little package. I remember paying $20 each just a few years ago. As you can see she was calm and relaxed waiting to see the vet.

May 12, 2024

Ava vs Watson


With long tv commercials on both games I was watching, the NBA Pacers vs Knicks and the Reds vs Giants, I was able to catch the last part of a play session with Watson, Ava and Henry. Where was Walter ... back in the cool computer room where the blinds were closed and the ceiling fan was keeping him cool ... snoring loudly.

I Do My Best Work Supervised

Walter came out to check out the activities Friday morning. The yard still needed another day to dry out but I had other projects to do. In the U-section in the back I had started the annual weed pulling. I needed to get up a look at my gutters in that section because of the rain water coming over the edge last week that I photo'd here. With gutter guards I couldn't imagine what had slipped inside the small holes to plug up the two downspouts.

May 09, 2024

Hounds & Dogs Relax After Storms

The rains came the high winds predicted did not. We have had 2.48" of rain since Tuesday, therefore I am going to wait a few days for the ground/yard to become less saturated before I mow. Blogger photos upload is still not working for me. All of these are once again in reverse order. I changed to the Nikon 18mm-55mm lens yesterday for a different kind of view. Here are the hounds and dog relaxing before their lunch today after a day and night of hard rain yesterday.

May 08, 2024

Non Stop Rain

We set a record for rain in April with over 5". So far in 7 days of May we have close to 2" of rain. Yesterday I took these photos early in the morning and I can't remember seeing it rain so hard that caused these areas to flood like this. Luckily the water drained quickly, just in time for more storms last night. It is sunny now but the grass will not be dry enough to mow the backyard today ... more storms and a tornado watch at 2pm today.

May 02, 2024

New Mower

The title mentions a new lawn mower but it is not the "featured" photo. That shows you I am as lazy as these two in recent days but I am starting to feel that "motivation train" about to pull out and have me outside pulling weeds. Ava continues to do pretty well by you will see below that she had a "puppy incident". (Fetching photos below)