September 24, 2021

Life Is Slow And Slower

As you will see and hear, if that video works, things around here have been slow and slower. (Video would not load) Not much to report on, not much being done. A lot of rain this week, yard mowed yesterday, Watson continues to grow and learning his manners, Henry the same, Walter is always Walter. My friend in New Mexico saw a couple of bloodhounds and sent me the photo. Made me think of Sadie and Stella. So nothing more than photos today.

September 16, 2021

Almost Back To Normal

The hounds look the way I have been feeling most of the time these past couple of weeks. My head has been feeling much better with each day passing. I would say I have been doing normal stuff around the house inside and outside. I drive without any problems. I have done some yard mowing and built a new small flowerbed on the side of the garage. I don't feel my head throbbing when I sit up or when I get up out of a chair. I have not tried riding the bike indoors yet to see what reaction I would have with a high pulse rate for an extended period of time. I have ridden the tan bike that came with my VW bug .1 of a mile to my friends house up the hill and around the corner. So things are good, I just wish I didn't feel so tired.

September 03, 2021

Henry's Neutered - Heated Argument At Vet

Henry was neutered yesterday morning and picking him up turned from the most bizarre vet experiences to a heated argument vet experience. I knew he would be normal when I picked him up after 3pm. As the vet or maybe a tech brought him out and was about to say don't let him jump on the couch or the bed, (he does neither) he was wagging his tail and jumping up on me letting me know he was happy I was back to get him. Walter and Watson were happy to see him.

Since they botched the laser process on Walter I decided this time I would save an extra $55 and have the normal neuter process. That would include stitches but they stitched up Walter last month when it was not suppose to be needed using the laser process. You will see from the photos from this afternoon, that he is recouping well and I have tried all day to keep him less active as per the vet's instructions.