February 24, 2013

Time To Get My Ass In Gear

Once again, a lull in activity and then the brain cells scramble like I've been struck by lightning!

I have a "ton" of stuff to do and today I have gone from room to room, tweaked my "to do" list and updated it.  It became longer than last month, but it's very clear what needs to be done.

No more excuses.

The For Sale sign will be posted in the yard by the end of the week and I have a gut feeling it will be a quick sale. Even in today's economy, in my area, my house due to size and price will be attractive. Also within a 6 mile area, houses in this area are selling fairly fast. Still it should give me enough time to get rid of all of my stuff that is not going with me.

Last week I called about an Escape Trailer in mint condition but I was on a long list of potential buyers...it sold to someone locally in the Portland Oregon area. Last month had another potential buy, within a 4 hour drive but was on a list of potential buyers and it sold before I could make the trip on the following Saturday.

Trailers??  You are hearing the word trailers again, after last month I let people know I was back to looking at Class A's or Class C's.

I would say right now I am only considering 2 options:

1. A 17' trailer I can pull with my H3.
2. A Class C where I can tow my H3.

Basically I am tired of sitting here reading about people's travels, how great it is, seeing their great pictures on a daily basis and how they wish they would have started sooner. I know the hounds will be fine. I know where I want to be in what month and I have a spreadsheet with 4 options that is screaming at me to get going....plus a few friends.

There is nothing more I can do here and it's time to hit the road!

{edit} .... After I posted this morning, I still could not throw away a 3rd option of  a Class A. Yes fuel is going up in price but it's hard to resist having room available that it offers. Currently sales prices are dropping on a lot of them that are for sale. I would be parked most of the time but like "WheelingIt" told me a few weeks ago, they like to be run. They did have a low mileage year in 2012 with their Class A, about what I would plan on traveling. 

I know whatever I buy will be the "right" one...I just have to get working on my "to do" list and have already started today.