September 30, 2020

Blog Editing Obsession

Hmmm looks like Blogger has made some fixes since last night. They put my photos in the order I wanted and I was able to start a paragraph without deleting the image link and changing the justification to the correct position. Always nice when Blogger works. Anyway I wish I wasn't wired the way I am. Where everything stops until that current project is over. Remember a few years ago when blogged four or five days straight about pulling weeds in my driveway and bank? Well this adding photos from the posts that were transferred from Wordpress in 2019 has turned into that .. without blogging about it and without photos. I finished February today and have about 70 some posts left between March and April 2019. ~1,400 photos to go????

September 29, 2020

Drive By Shooting Yesterday

As you can tell by the number of photos today it was slow and not much was done. Blog editing, a siesta, lunch, more editing and the hounds and the dog slept a lot. I was told the air quality was poor at sunrise but better quality by late afternoon. We had a drive-by shooting yesterday in the middle of the afternoon on one of the main roads, Fry Blvd. Strange for such a small town of 44,000. Car and truck were side by side moving down the street when shots were fired. The 19 year old victim died later. It will be interesting to see the reason for it.

September 28, 2020

What An Amazing Day - Never A Dull Moment

Leaving off from last night, this is what I saw when I was about to turn off the lights. Those are all normal nightly sleep positions. Later on they move to the floor of the bedroom or the hallway if it is too hot for them with the windows open. Lately it's been cool enough at night they find the sleeping bag to sleep on to be beneficial. Little did I know that today would be such a busy day and as I write this post it's not over yet. I continue to load photos in the 2019 posts and am still in the month of January which had a total of 56 59 posts and most of them with 20 photos or more.

September 27, 2020

Brain Cells Spinning

We were up early as usual with nothing planned. Luckily the hounds and the dog have figured out that the days are getting shorter with sunrise getting later and they are willing to sleep a little longer. Walter was up patrolling the yard early to the point I had to use a flash to capture him in the backyard. The hounds were inside begging for breakfast to be served, while my mind clicked into what I had been thinking about before going to bed last night.

September 26, 2020

The Blog Has Changed

Spending the past few days uploading a lot of missing photos, not only can you see what you are uploading but at times what you wrote about. I can see changes in the format over time and I can tell the days I blogged when I didn't feel like it. It will be nine years next month that I started this blog with a few deletions along the way. There were very few pictures if any at that start. No hounds were discussed and I was starting my research into different RVs with plans of hitting the road. I didn't blog often back then either. I had the urge to write though and I always liked photography, so blogging could be a good thing.

September 25, 2020

Never Delete Blogs

It's not the first time I have transferred blogs from Blogger to Wordpress and vice versa. I haven't transferred lately but I forgot that I did back in 2017, where I ended up doing the same thing I have been doing the past two days. When transferring back to Blogger sometime in 2019, all of the photo files were on WordPress. When that blog was deleted, so were the image files that went with the posts that were transferred. When I deleted my blog a few weeks ago I forgot all about the work I did to reload the photos to each post that had come from Wordpress a year or so ago.

September 23, 2020

Hounds And A Dog Supervise

I could tell today was going to be a little bit different. After my too long of a bike ride yesterday I was taking the day off from riding but I also had a few things I wanted to get done around the house today. There isn't a lot of maintenance compared to the old house back in the tropics but there are things I want to finish. I had sprayed some Round Off on the other side of the fence a few weeks ago. Killing the folliage against the fence keeps the snakes away and the county mower that comes thru once per year cannot get up next to the fence. That Round Up does a good job except on Mesquit Trees and just like last year I had to cut the small branches down to ground level. Instead of walking a few blockes and around the corner, then those same blocks back to the house, I decided to use my ladder. One of the tools I brought with me when I moved.

September 22, 2020

Henry Finds Out He Barks

Henry found out very early this morning that he barks. He had barked on occassion a few time this week but today it was official. He barked, he knew it and he knew when to use it. Needless to day, the house is just a little noisier than the past. As you see, Stella is starting to adopt him a little more. By next week when Henry is tall enough to grab those long ears of Stella, she will be laying down some new rules for the puppy.

September 20, 2020

Past Photos On September 20th

I hate Blogger. About the time you figure out a process to work with their updates on loading photos, it reverts back to some of their old bad habbits. Luckily I can go into the HTML of the post and delete all that is posted, which are usually nothing but their code for the images. IF I load a small number of images at once, Blogger will load them in the order I want. There wasn't much to blog about this weekend. Saturday and Sunday mornings were perfect. I rode my bike on Sunday morning but not Saturday. Henry is still trying to figure out Heidi.

September 18, 2020

Henry Is Trying His Best


Henry is trying his best to get Heidi to be his fellow basset hound friend. She's a tough sell but is growling and running away from him less than she was before. She is slowly coming around. I did not make it to Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone today. There is still time left as it's not even 5pm but I know I will be winding down pretty fast even for a Friday night. Getting up between 4am - 5am does that to an ex-night person. I still got my morning bike ride in this morning, 26 miles total as I headed toward Tombstone out Charleston Rd. It's been a good day but a pretty quiet day.

September 17, 2020

Basset Hound vs The Bulldog

I was going to take the day off from riding this morning and hike either Brown Canyon or the San Pedro River. These photos are from late this afternoon but this morning the smell of smoke was in the air, a strong smell. I knew then why my watch had been pinging me with Air Quality Alerts ... they were having a controlled burn this morning. All riding and hiking would wait another day. I think I have over 30 photos today, from last night after my blog post to this afternoon. I realized something last night when downloading photos, too many of my blog photos recently were of the hounds and the dog sleeping. That will change as of this post.

September 16, 2020

The Crate vs The Backyard


We were up before the crack of dawn as usual. Perfect weather. The hounds and the dog assumed their breakfast table positions as I made coffee. Same routine as always, only today I took all the photos with my iPhone and left the Nikon D3500 on the counter. You are looking towards Bisbee to the southwest of the patio. I could tell before the first drop of the dark roast Columbian coffee that today was going to be a good day ... it was.

September 15, 2020

No Drama Today

I wrote the title before I started this post. Now the only drama is the new Blogger design icons for images. The plus and minus signs to increase or decrease image size isn't there. They now have a small picture inside a bigger screen ... I clicked that by accident and saw the choices with image size. Also Blogger loaded all the photos in reverse !!!!! I am not going to take the time to load them one at a time in the order I want. I guess you will have to live with what is shown and the verbiage will not go with the image. Really, I was in a good mood today until I saw how the images were loaded. 

September 13, 2020

New Blog URL


Some of you already know about this new blog url. Instead of 'deactivating" the blog where I could bring it back after making some changes, I hit the button called "permanently delete", where you don't get it back. So I started this new blog with an appropriate url "bhoundsandadog" instead of the old "bhounds3". I am slowly getting this blog designed the same as the old one. Before deleting the blog I did download all the files. Noticed when I imported that file to this blog it was missing pages, comments and the first four years when I talked mostly about RVs.

September 12, 2020

I Started A Fire - Rambling Involved

I heard a bark right after Friday's breakfast and when I glanced in that direction Heidi had jumped slightly doing a 360° turn into Walter wanting to play. Maybe her joint supplements are helping. It was quite a surprise to see so early in the morning. Not a lot of blogging stuff happened Friday but I did my best to make some people angry, that are not blog worthy. Ah, maybe a sentence or two about that later.

September 10, 2020

Hounds Enjoy Cooler Temps


A little after 6am you could still see the residue from the smoky skies in the west. That would only get worse by 4pm as later photos show. That did not keep Walter and Henry from starting their day with their normal energy. They eat early, rest a little and then get right to it in the playing department.

September 08, 2020

Henry's A Food Hog

We were up at oh dark thirty again this morning. It felt like the weeknd until I glanced up at the corner of my computer monitor and saw it was Tuesday not Saturday. After doing hardly anything yesterday I had some things I wanted to get done today. I had a short list of items to get at Home Depot for things I was going to do myself, as the "buyer" requested I have fixed. Looking at the list I knew for a fact I could do 6 of the 8 items myself. It reminded me of the maintenance I did back in 'the tropics' on the house the hounds and lived in.

Blogger is not playing nice tonight and I have 27 photos I want to add. Due to Blogger not cooperating, there isn't going to be much commentary.

September 06, 2020

Walter's A Deep Thinker

Normal routine this morning ... Walter is pretty consistent waking everybody up around 5:30am. That is about 45 minutes later than what Stella use to so I guess we get to sleep in a little now. After going outside first thing this morning, Henry decided he would wait from the door step for breakfast to be served. He likes to eat his 1c of kibble plus likes to sneak a few pieces from the other hound's bowls. How could you picture that look, a thief of food?

September 05, 2020

The Hounds And A Dog Sleep Off Saturday

As you will see, we didn't do a lot today. "The hounds and a dog" seemed to have been hit with a stick of laziness and about their only activity was moving to different sleeping spots. They DID shows excitement and motivation for their afternoon meal. My groceries were delivered once again and I found something interesting about the blogger issue I had. You might remember I mentioned anytime I hit the return key the cursor would go to the bottom of the screen. Well today, that was depending on which browser I tried.

September 04, 2020

Does Stella Have A Pulse ??

It does not feel like a holiday weekend. In fact it feels just like any other day especially since the life altering news last March. It has been almost 6 months since the news broke to all of us about COVID-19. Little did we know just how much that news would change some things in our lives, possibly permanently. Yet when I stepped out on the patio early this morning with this view and a cup of coffee in my hand ... all that 'newsy' stuff was the furthest thing from my mind.

Some Blogger Answers

I keep sending my questions and issues as instructed to Blogger "feedback" but have received no answers as of Friday morning. What I have found are answers on the forum. For bloggers wondering why Blogger is loading the photos the way they are, and not in the order you want ... it's because Blogger now loads the photos in alphabetical order based on your photo file name.

I had someone on the forum suggest that I change the file names and I tried a simple way of labeling them so they would show up in the order I wanted. The problem was, when I export the photos with those new file names to my folder on my iMac desktop where Blogger can upload them from ... Apple only uses the original file name once those photos are exported. So my new file names were not listed.

September 03, 2020

Henry Has Historic Day Today

I have sent more "feedback" to Blogger/Google about the issues I continue to have. I hate to complain over and over but it has come to the point it is a huge pain in the butt to put a post together on Blogger. I will leave a link on the "exit" post if I go to Wordpress blog that I have set up. I don't have a lot of time right now to spend hours putting this together. I think you will see what the title of the post is talking about ... he is one smart puppy that Henry is. Heidi acted as if she didn't see anything. Stella was asleep under my desk at the time and Walter was nowhere near that bag of dog food.


September 02, 2020

The Hounds Take A Roadtrip


Henry continues to adapt to his new living arrangements, this being his 7th day here. He is doing very well with his housebreaking project, sleeps through the night. He has put Walter on notice that all things may not be his and he will have to share. We'll see how that works out. We had to disappear from the house for a couple of hours today, so we took a road trip. All the hounds don't mind riding and they too have their seats chosen. I also show below how it's possible to feed four without fighting. It was another good day here in the Wild West ... but not in Blogger.