June 27, 2013

2006 Casita Liberty Deluxe 17'

After 21 months of research, changing my mind a million times, test drives in A's, C's, tow vehicles and sitting in 5er's and trailers, I decided to start with the smallest. That fits in with the goal I had in 2010 after reading about Glenn over at "To Simplify", was to downsize and travel. I will not go through the reasons I didn't buy the larger rigs but I will tell you why I bought this trailer.

1.  The least expensive cost for me to get on the road and a place to live.
2.  I can start this weekend to apply for workamping jobs if I wish to go that route, who knows I might have an offer from a location that I can't refuse.
3.  Trailer is in great shape with free add-ons included in the price.
4.  I have a ton of research bookmarked on Casita mods, repair, and places to go.
5.  Too many Casita owner love these trailers.
6.  Aerodynamic for good fuel mileage.  Without a tow my H3 is getting 17.8 mpg since it left the lot.
7.  Owners on forums have shown me it can be done with 2 adults and 2 large dogs so why can't 1 adult with 1 large dog and 2 short dogs fit ok?
8.  If I want to change it up later, these trailers have great demand and resell value.
9.  Small spaces equal less electric used for heat and A/C.
10.  Bigger bed to sleep on than the one's I used on Aircraft Carriers :)

All of you are thinking "what about the hounds"??  Well nothing has changed, they are going with me and THEY will decide where their comfortable spot is. Good weather days and nights, I don't plan spending time inside a trailer living on a computer ... I plan on sitting outside in the quiet watching the sky at night and hiking, napping, cooking, photography and writing during the days. As a suggestion from a friend that has been traveling for a long time in set ups like these, I will take a tent with me that is as big as a spare room, "sun room", "porch" when I feel like going large.

On days and nights like we experienced last night in Indiana the hounds and I will be in the "cave" waiting it out even if it's for days or weeks. I'll move before it is weeks. Last night we had tornado like winds that blew over power poles, trees and anything else .. along with more rain water faster than I had ever witnessed in my 17 years at this house. The Casita was in perfect condition today after high winds and hard rain.

I will install solar, the wiring already added by the seller. He is installing laminate flooring for me and as a "gift" he is giving me a new Sway Bar.  He has installed tubular lighting inside and rope lighting in all the cabinets spaces. He has installed an electrical system with LED warning lights to let me know (old and senile), that I have left something on that is using battery power. It was 92 and muggy today when I stopped by and the AC ran freezing temps inside or as cold as I wanted it...78 felt pretty good.

As we sat on each side of the trailer inside going over all of the operations and features, I noticed where my hounds could hang out even with 2 people inside the trailer.  Everything is as nice as it looks in the pictures. I must say inside it is in "mint" condition and the exterior is not far behind the "mint" rating.  TV has HD quality with an antenna that lays flat inside the door beside the tv. All appliances looks like they have never been used. The canopy is manual and has a new top that was changed just to make sure it was not aged.

I will be able to carry and store more water for my hounds and I inside my H3. I will have a full Baja roof rack where I will keep out of season clothes (not much), spare tire, Hi-Lift Jack (made in this small town I live in), and thinking of a drawer slide out system in the back of my H3 for tools and emergency equipment that I might need.  All ideas are from the Hummer Forum.

I've never been a "pack rat", so the storage inside the Casita is perfect for me.

So the plan is, within two weeks the seller will finish the floors, maybe in 3 days, maybe 14. It's hot back here and he is in his late 70's so I told him to take his time and do the floors on his schedule. He has a 2nd Casita he is working on to resell. This seller traveled in these for 30 years and I can honestly say loves these trailers....loves them.  Has been all over the Rockies, the west, Texas etc but the body wore out so he had to get off the road but he loves "rehabbing" these trailers and getting them back on the road for traveling and camping.

I will bring it home and park it in my backyard, hook up the electric, water and they don't know it yet, but the hounds and I will be moving into the trailer and we will find out real quick what works and what doesn't. My place of employment starts the Government forced "Sequestration" July 12 and that is scheduled to go through September. So as soon as possible with my weekly Friday off to save them money and a 3 day weekend, the hounds and I will hook up and go to the nearest State Parks or one National forest for the weekend. In fact where I work, they have a nice facility for RVs that is in a wooded area and borders a lake.

I have had many suggestions from everyone, local and distant, on whether to sell my house or not.  I can't decide if it should be Plan B or not. Most people tell me to travel 6-12 months before I make a decision whether to sell it, since I have ZERO experience in RVing, although I have experience tent camping and backpacking in the Rockies, Cascades and the Olympic Peninsula.  I would prefer to be on the road out west before the winter weather hits the Midwest and end up in Quartzsite AZ for my first big rally and possibly only rally. Boondocking off the grid is going to be my DNA. With small tanks, small fridge I will implement some of my backpacking and tent camping knowledge to extend my stays in the Casita.

If I didn't have dogs, i would go the teardrop route....yes, I'm serious about that. I want to get small and travel anywhere I want to go ... with this small trailer and my H3 4x4, I can do that. For the first time in my life I will learn and take the time to fish when the chances present themselves.

So there you have it.  After all the turmoil I put you through, this is what I have decided on with no doubts it will work.

I will have more pictures later but here are 5 basic views I took with my iPhone because I forgot to take my camera with me today.

June 26, 2013

In Process of Making the Purchase

This is just a short note to let you know I have FINALLY made a decision. Buying from a private party, we have agreed on the price and delivery will take place after a couple of modifications are complete. I can honestly say I have been more excited about what I am buying than any other rig/trailer I have looked at.

Details - Pictures - Reasons to follow in the next few days!  I'll just say one thing ... most if not all of you will be shocked .... lol

June 22, 2013

Saturday at Camping World In Indianapolis

I didn't go to Camping World to buy, but to look. They have the largest selection of different RV's and trailers in my area.  I was once again able to travel through their lot without a salesperson with me. I was able sit inside of the ones of interest, think while I sat there, inspect their conditions and think some more.

I am not sure what is going on but I have never seen their lot as full as it was today. Not only for the rigs for sale but the lots for storage and the lot for people staying that are getting maintenance or problems fixed....not sure which. There were a lot of rigs parked in an area that I thought was for storage instead of repair.

I was there to look at a couple of trailers I had seen online, that could be pulled by my Hummer. Since I had sat in a Casita a few weeks ago, I could sit in these Starcraft Trailers and compare them to the Casita. Gary Ramsey has a Starcraft AR-ONE 17RD that he likes a lot.

I also wanted to check out their Class C's again, thinking about towing my Mini Cooper or my Hummer.

The two trailers were the Starcraft AR-One 14RB and 15RB. I believe both of those could work and seemed to have more room than the Casita. Sure, the hounds, but I could see where they would be if we were stuck inside during bad weather or after dark. Most of the days will be spent outside, them and me. Yes, I agree those trailers would be small, but a lot of couples fulltime in Casita's and love it. I could see myself being able to use those trailers and carry most of my supplies inside and outside my Hummer.

Over the past 20 months I have visited Campy World and Colerain in Indy 5-6 times. After all those visits there is ONE rig that I always like and feel good when I sit inside thinking if that is the one, if I will have enough room for me and dogs, can I drive this on BLM land.....and the ONE consistent rig that I always like is the: ....Gulfstream BT Cruiser with a slideout and a queen size bed in back.

I don't know why, but that exact rig has always been the one I have liked, even over the Class A's.

Now could the E-450 set up tow a 4x4 .... salesperson says yes it can.

I see Wheeling It putting their 40'er in places I would like to go, so a 28' BT Cruiser would be able to do the same and I would have more room than I would in the trailers that I am looking at.

The house is back off the market.  Once again I am trying NOT to make this an all or nothing situation.  Fulltiming might turn into part-timing, at least 8-9 mos out of the year and 3-4 months at home but that could change after I am traveling.

The majority of friends and people that email me agree that is the way to go, even those that have traveled for a lot of years.

That's all for tonight.

June 21, 2013

Rambling Thoughts

It's been quite a week. Nothing new on the house, not a call, an email or even a "sniff". After 6 mos for the 3rd year in a row, my neighbor (not close), has taken down his For Sale signs. So we will see what happens on the house front, probably a slower process than I expected.

I test drove a possible different tow vehicle. I found a very sharp 2007 Ford F150 4x4 on cars dot com with the truck being only 30 miles from me. It was a one owner, body in mint condition, new tires, bed liner looked as if nothing had been ever loaded into the bed. Had a possible tire balancing problem at 60 mph (heavy vibration) but overall drove great. It was priced way below NADA value.

The problem was the dealer didn't want to give me anything for trade in for my H3 Hummer. Not really anything but a lower price than I expected. Due to the time of year, if dealers don't try to sell Hummers in the summer, there must be a reason for it.....not hard to figure out.

So, we couldn't close they deal and I am stuck with a H3 that I like but won't tow enough weight.

A few friends have told me to take the loss and trade the H3 for a truck. The trailer I want just dropped in price $5,000 the other day. Its a Bigfoot trailer, used a few times over an 8 year period.

I've always looked for trailers that would fit the tow rate of the H3 and one that is nice and even has a slide is the Lance 1575. The GVWR is below the 3,500 lbs. That rate has a factor of a 20% decrease for traveling in the western states and mountains. So far the only trailer I have found that has enough room is the Lance 1575 and is under the 3,500 lbs.

At the time I bought the H3 I honestly thought I was on my way of towing a Casita but I had never sat inside a Casita. I thought from the blogs and picture that the Casita was the winner for me hands down. So I was basically choosing between the H3 Hummer and the Toyota FJ Cruiser. I had test drove both and even as a past Toyota owner of different models, I preferred the H3 over the FJ.

I remember, without looking it up on this blog, that I had no desire to use a pickup truck to tow a larger trailer.

So like I was told today ... I have to decide where I want my comfort level ... in the tow vehicle or the trailer. There are a couple of other trailers that are below the 3,500 lb limit that interest me and I could see living in them full-time but I like the Lance. They are a 4 season trailer. Their 60 years of experience in truck campers moved over to the travel trailer side of the production line.

So we will see if I take a loss and trade the H3 for a truck and a little bigger trailer, 19'-24'.

For those wondering, yes ... I did have thoughts at times this past week, of keeping the house, the H3, the Mini Cooper and my old 94 Chevy truck .... then traveling only when I had the urge to get out of town or became bored. I really do like all of those vehicles.

There are a lot of things I like about 'sticks n bricks'.  I know what it's like to be in small push button showers while deployed 10 months at a time on aircraft carriers. One of the top 3 things I always enjoyed coming back home ... long long long hot showers. Those will be few and far between traveling in a trailer.

I like all that I own, the house, the H3, the Mini Sport and even the old truck that I drive 400 miles per year. I love college and NFL football on a large HD screen.

I can do most of those likes traveling in a trailer...showers will not be as long, the tv screen will be smaller if I even have a tv. My dual 27" monitor iMac will be a 15.5 Macbook Pro.

Everything smaller and shorter so I can have the ability to decide what my 'front yard' will look like. Or how warm I want my weather.

I am 4-1/2 hour drive from a Lance trailer dealer, unless I could find one at Camping World in Indy.  I'd like to take a look at one, sit inside for a while and see what kind of vibe I get. I have enough room to store in the H3 as I don't plan on taking a lot of stuff....water quantity could be my biggest item to carry.

One interesting thing that did make me flash back to a Class C ... with pictures and articles sent to me by an H3 owner, I can tow my H3 wheels down while sitting it in neutral without any adjustments. He tows his H3 with a Class  A.

On a final note ... I've been having painful problem with my right wrist, my "mouse" hand. At first I thought I had carpel tunnel but found out the wrong fingers were numb. I had chiro treatments, ultrasound treatments, a Futuro wrist and elbow brace, along with ibuprofen....nothing worked. The last few weeks I noticed a ganglion growing on top of my hand near my wrist.

Well as of today I am in hour number 5 of removal treatment without needles or surgery. I'll find out if the google search worked for removal of the ganglion.  I hope so, I don't have time for surgery.

That is all from the "tropics" of Southern Indiana.

Safe journey's to all that are traveling Arizona, and Colorado near the fires.

June 17, 2013

House Back on the Market !!!!

You are going to think I have lost my mind!!!

Basically I have to make changes, I don't want to keep living safe like this when I would rather be living back in the western USA. The more I think about it, I go back to my original train of thought in October 2011. Sell the house and everything I own and hit the road. If/when I settle down again it will be out west somewhere, not in the same western places I spent 20 years living but in the west somewhere. I will find that place during my travels.

The sign is back in the front yard. The blog is back online http://leavingbloomfield.blogspot.com and by late tonight I will have listed my car, and the house on Craig's list, with a link to the blog for more pictures and description.  There are more pictures at the end of this post.

What about the "backup plan" or the "need to have a base camp" thoughts in past posts. Well if I decide I don't care for the traveling or need to get back to a 'sticks n bricks' then I'll find something out west, possibly some land and put up one of those new 'tiny homes' on it,  or buy land and build a home around 800 sq ft, or a small town with a small home that I can work on while I live there.

Endless possibilities!!

In the meantime I could be up camping right now in the Dakotas, Montana, PacificNorthWest at higher elevation to keep cool, then head for Arizona, or New Mexico, eastern Calif for the winter...just like I have been dreaming of the past 20 months.

Ballgames???  I have a DirecTv account where I can watch a game on any device (iMac, iPad, iPhone) as long as I get an internet connection and if not, it will not be the first time I have missed ballgames...not really a big deal. I was wondering this weekend, is the reason I watch so many games on tv is because of boredom?

Today I could picture hiking or mountain biking trails off the grid, dogs off a leash and spending most of the day outside. I could get use to that type of day real easy.

I also sold my '94 Chevy Truck today to a manager at work. He commutes by my house daily to work and noticed and laughed about "one day your house is for sale, two days later it isn't"...I see "my" truck is still up on the hill waiting for me to buy it....well I'm ready to buy it.

My Mini Cooper will be on Craig's List tonight and Cars dot com. That will leave me with trading the H3 Hummer in for a 4x4 Truck that can tow more than 7,000 lbs. Some of my friends are still pushing me to get a diesel truck and a 5'er.  I am thinking a Ford F-150 4x4, towing a Bigfoot or a Nash Trailer.

Exciting times!!  Stay Tuned!!

I swear, I only have one personality.  LOL

NOT Part of Sale - Property Behind House

Early Morning From The Front Corner Of The House

June 16, 2013

Teardrops and Casitas

The title and this post I think you will find a little humorous, makes me wonder where my mind is.

Occasionally I have seen and looked at Teardrop Trailers, thought they were almost an option if I were completely solo. Today I was reading The Blonde Coyote blog, about her living in a Teardrop Trailer full-time with 2 pretty good size dogs. No bathroom, no fridge, little storage yet light enough to be towed by a SUV.

Here is the humorous part of this post ... As I was reading her stories I was beginning to feel that I too, could travel full-time with 3 dogs, and a Teardrop Trailer towed by my Hummer. For a short time I even imagined I could handle no refrigeration and no bathroom facilities!!!  How crazy is that??  It was just a little over 8 days ago where I posted that the Casita Trailer was way too small for me an my hounds to travel full-time!! LMAO!

Yet, the Casita Trailer is like a condo compared to a Teardrop Trailer!  It has more room, a fridge and a bathroom and under my 4,500lb tow limit. Still after walking around inside the Casita 9 days ago, I knew there was not a way I could full-time in that with my 3 hounds.

Where is my mind at???? When today I thought for a short time, I too could be like The Blonde Coyote and travel in a Teardrop Trailer with 2 dogs.

I still feel the best combo for me is a truck/trailer and even this past week that has been narrowed down to a Ford F150 4x4 and either a Bigfoot or Nash Trailer.  I have a truck picked out but the dealer is about 70 miles away from me and it will be Monday before I can get in touch with them.

So that is the humor for the day ... Me, 3 dogs and a Teardrop trailer full-time.

Now, back to my frustrating puzzle of a new $96 36V Lithium Battery, a charger sent from Black and Decker ... it doesn't charge. The red light blinks continuously.

I relate that frustrating battery lesson to a potential future traveling problem where I am sitting out in no-mans land trying to figure out a fix and spending most of the day doing it.

Any recommendations for medical help or medication is encouraged.  (that is a joke for those that don't pick up on my sense of humor)

June 14, 2013

House Not For Sale

The longer the For Sale sign stayed in the yard these past 5 days, the more I did not want to sell it. I decided I could not sell it until I had experience on the road traveling in an RV or trailer to see if that was really what I wanted to do. It will be my base camp in the meantime.

So, I pulled the sign up today.

I am still looking at BigFoot Trailers. I am still looking for a full size 4x4 Truck to trade my H3 for, so I can tow more than 4,500 lbs or 3,500 lbs out west in the mountains. Like neighbors before me, I'll probably leave my house late October/early November, travel through the winters in the SW and then return in April just in time to catch up with yard work and any house stuff. If during my travels I see somewhere I would rather live, then I'll put the house on the market and sell it ready to move in, empty.

I've always liked this house for more than a few reasons.  I guess that is one reason I have stayed here longer than any other place I have ever lived ... SoCal, Whidbey Is, Breckenridge. I also noted comments by bloggers I follow that would say they enjoy having a base camp and with my base camp paid for, extremely low property taxes, low water and electric bills, it just makes it easier to keep.

As much as I want to be a full-timer, I will never know if that is a fit for me and my dogs until I am doing it. Until I know for sure that I want to travel full-time after experiencing real time miles on the road, I cannot sell it.

June 12, 2013

Are You Crazy????

Well, it's only been 4 full days, only 96 hours, since the for sale sign was put in the yard....and in that short time I have received a lot of email, some from people I know and some I don't know but each group has an opinion .... and many think I am crazy!!!!

For those readers that have already gone through this process, I assume this post will be old news, reminders of what you went through.

A large percentage of readers feel that I should keep the house until I spend time on the road with a truck/trailer/dogs etc.  Some would like to buy the house but only if they could move it to their current location, which is usually outside the state of Indiana. Other's say "go for it", good luck, why?, are you really going to do this? or that's a nice house ..you should keep it.

I have had some interest in the house locally. One couple stopped to look along with their daughter, whom is in the market to buy a house. A couple of others may stop by this weekend, while tonight I had someone at work that planned on stopping by but didn't. Such is life in house selling.

My house prepping is moving at a slower pace than I had planned. I am getting things done but those short breaks in front of the computer, answering emails, reading blogs and looking at trailers almost stops my momentum. I've procrastinated in almost everything I have done for as long as I can remember.  Am I lazy?  Will this attitude hurt me on the road?

At work I am totally opposite. I hate to be behind, love being on time with paperwork and very little procrastination is taking place with me at work.  Don't confuse that thought with me liking my job...I can't say I do.

I live here. At times it's a "man cave". I think it will be hard for me to keep it immaculate, "spotless" for possible viewers.  As I go through my list of things to do, I see more and more stuff I have to get rid of. I wonder when to put my car and old truck up for sale, or the Hummer?  I wonder if I will find what I want before I sell this house? I value privacy ... how will I react to having complete strangers walking through my house??

I believe you all get the picture.  No word verification anymore....comment away!!

June 10, 2013

Travel Trailer it Is

Thinking of vehicle options this weekend, talked to a couple of friends, one of those that full-timed in a Class A for a few years. He is going back on the road by next year and plans on going smaller. He gave me some of the pros and cons to a Class A and Class C with a toad. I told him I had been leaning toward a Truck 4x4 and towing a trailer and would trade in my H3 Hummer for that truck.

He made a good point about the trade that I had not thought of. Everyday wear and tear camping with dogs and an H3 compared to a pickup truck. The H3 is a 4x4, that can go anywhere but has plush leather seats and interior. Plus storing gear inside and out, along with dogs riding in the back seats with the seat part pulled forward (H3 way) and their foam padding and blankets, with the seat backs up to divide dogs/storage would show more wear than normal than it would in a truck. Also a full size truck bed and would store more.

More than a few people like that combination, some of those people on the road full-time.

So, another decision is made ... trade the H3 in for a Pickup 4x4, camper shell and a full-size truck bed. I am currently looking at trucks locally and on cars dot com. For trailers I am looking at Bigfoot, Northwood Nash, Starcraft AR-One, Jayco, Lance and any refurbished Airstream.

I will be continuing my prepping on the house interior, things I do twice per year anyway but will make the house ready for walk-thru's.  After the house prep is finished, I'll be listing things for sale on eBay and Craig's list.

Truck recommendations??

Trailer recommendation??

June 09, 2013

For Sale Sign is Up This Morning

I almost put the sign out yesterday even with my "to do" list not finished. I talked it over with a friend this morning by email and we both agreed that it could go up now and if someone calls or stops, let them know we are setting up appointments for showing, next week.

I felt a feeling of excitement and being motivated to get that list completed as I printed the phone number on the sign ... it's going to be good day!!!

Just as I started to post this ... a car stopped in the driveway.

June 08, 2013

House Prepping for Sale - Day 1 - Potential Delays

I'm sitting here at 9:22pm local and don't have nearly as much done in my first day of prepping my house for sale ....but I still could, as I said 'plant' the For Sale sign in the front yard by 5pm Sunday. I did get a lot done even with my late start after my Internet addiction rearing it's ugly head ... as I spent the morning drinking coffee, reading blogs, facebook groups and looking at RV sites ... before I knew it, it was past 12:30pm and I am WAAAAAYYYYY behind my planned schedule.

I had a major rally.

Mowed, trimmed the yard, cleared my gutters again ... which I was planning to do on Sunday but when I checked the weather forecast it looked like possible rain on Sunday. In Indiana they say if you don't like the weather just wait, because it will change within hours and now it shows that Sunday should be a clear and warm day. Still the yard work is finished and that is another reason I want to live on wheels with no mowing, weed eating etc.

So, I moved my plans and reversed the days for my list. While cleaning out some closets (more clothes to goodwill) and some nooks and other spaces that are not cleaned on a normal basis ... I found my first problem that MAY prevent the sign being planted in the yard tomorrow.....drum roll "homeowners" ......and that first problem is????

1.  The floor that the water heater sits on is damp ... not wet ... damp!!

So I track through my organized files and see the receipt that shows the water heater was replaced recently IT SEEMS but after subtracting 2013 - the year of replacement = more years than I remembered and I need a new water heater.

I shut the door hoping the issue goes away and I move to the next item on my list ... cleaning the walls. This is where my 2nd problem raised it's ugly head ... drum roll "homeowners" ... and that second problem is???

2. Each of my rooms has their own heater switch for baseboard heating and in my bedroom for some reason TODAY....TODAY....WHY TODAY ???  The baseboard heat kicks on FOR NO REASON!!!!  while I am mowing outside, so when I enter the house I feel it's about 100 degrees inside the bedroom and that heat is spreading like a forest fire through my house.  It is hot, it's really hot. The hounds are panting, drooling, water dishes are empty and they want outside....they are smart even with their sagging eye lids and long ears ... they still know when things are not good.

So I turn off the circuit breaker to the baseboard heater and wall switch.  Of course since my house was built in 1975, I doubt that same wall switch can be found and I will find out Monday when I call the local Plumbing and Electrical shop downtown on the square. They know this house better than I do. I have been here 16 years but they tell me they installed the original equipment in 1975. So there may be a chance for a switch replacement.

The Amish built this house in 1975 ... it is strong as a Clydesdale horse, not a sound during high wind storms but I swear they day they were running the wiring in this house .. they had to be drinking at lunch and were drunk because nothing makes sense when finding which circuit breaker goes to which rooms and outlets. This is not a new revelation, I realized the confusion years ago but it's a reminder the times you are trying to match the right circuit breaker with that room/outlet.

So, that's my OFFICIAL first day of prepping my house for sale.

I am glad I didn't start early in the morning and then figure all of this out, then the day would be a waste ... (laughing) ... after all, I got all my blogs read, RV facebook groups, RV sites that sell sell sell and a few emails....plus some great coffee.

So the question is ... do I go ahead and 'plant' the For Sale sign in the yard tomorrow as scheduled?  Remember I am doing this different than most. After I shampoo the carpet tomorrow, this place is nice enough to show ... as long as they don't ask to see the water heater .... LOL.

After all my plan has always been, even last fall, was to advertise for selling while I lived here and also did regular maintenance or improvements as if I would stay here ... except the floors.  I will let the buyer decide what they want to put in....as per the advice of a friend that is a real estate agent.

So that is my fun for today.  I hope and feel optimistic I will get an earlier start tomorrow morning on my carpet shampooing and clearing my tables, desks of all my books and magazines that I don't read.

Here is one of the main reasons I decided to 'plant the For Sale sign in the yard before everything is perfect .... I am the type of person where it will never be perfect enough in my mind. There will always be something that needs cleaned, changed or improved on before I would put the sign out front ... understand???

So I know it's good enough to sell as is, I've been told that by friends ... so the sign is going out.

I can use issue #2 as a prime example ... IF they cannot find the same replacement for that one wall thermostat switch due to the age .... MOST LIKELY, I will replace all the other wall thermostat switches so they all match. That is just the way "I'm wired" so to speak.

Suggestions are welcomed from all ... except that "anonymous" commenter today on a different post.  :)

June 07, 2013

The Casita Trailer is Ruled Out

The Casita trailer option was ruled out today. 

While looking at the site for fiberglass trailers for sale today, I saw where someone within 30 miles of my house had two of them for sale. This man is retired, buys them in "as is" condition then cleans them up and adds his own electrical features that are really neat.

He had a 2009 16' that was still in the rebuild status and a 2006 17' ready for sale. The 16' model was a deluxe with the two separate chairs along one wall with a small table. As soon as I walked into it I knew it was two small and that was not including my big bloodhound and 2 basset hounds.

The 2006 17' was immaculate, one owner and never used. The carpeted walls and ceiling looked in brand new condition. He said he would put in laminate flooring if I wanted and tint the windows at no extra charge. A very nice man that said he and his wife had been camping in Casitas for the past 13 years but they were at the point due to health and age that there traveling days were over. Asking price was $12,500. It could have worked if it were just me but it would be pretty cramped with me and my 3 hounds.

So one option is taken off the list.

The options left have been discussed here over the 20 months I've been looking.

1.  Class A towing my H3 Hummer or my Mini Cooper.
2.  Class C towing my H3 Hummer or my Mini Cooper.
3.  A different truck and a 5th wheel.
4.  A different truck and a 19'-22 ft trailer.

My H3 Hummer can only tow 4,500 lbs and take off the allowance for driving in the west and I'm looking at smaller 17' light trailers...take the 3' off for the hitch and I'm in the same situation I was able to look at today of 13'-14' of living space and knowing its not enough room.

My thought process even before looking at the Casita was a Class A 30'-32' or a Class C 28'-31'.

I was glad I could finally see the Casita trailer up close. I commend those that fulltime in the Casita.

Well after this post, the cleaning process starts on the house. My deadline to mount the For Sale sign in the front yard is Sunday afternoon around 5pm.

June 06, 2013

Fear and Decisions

Since returning to blogging and stating I was back in the RV/TT decision mode, I have received a lot of good feedback from blog followers and friends via blog comments and emails. I have asked over the months if not this past year, why I am having such a hard time deciding on whether to by a Class A, Class C or a TT and that question would bring a lot of answers through blog comments and emails.

All along I really knew that answer but didn't feel it needed to be public knowledge. Maybe afraid to say.

A friend today pointed it out to me via an email and it's a word that many have and it's only 4 letters.


Yes I was and continue to be confused on what to buy but the difference is, not only today but the past few days, I am going to buy one of my options and hit the road. If that doesn't work out, I'll sell it and buy something else.

Yes, my house is paid for but I'd really rather live in a different part of the United States. I grew up in Indiana, graduated from Indiana U and am an avid fan but I also spent 10 years in southern California and  another 10 years NW of Seattle in the San Juan Islands. I spent only a year in Breckenridge Colorado and traveled through many of the western states. I would love to live in a different part of the United States, I just don't know where yet.

I would rather end up in the west or southwest therefore I am putting my house up for sale by Sunday afternoon and sell it as is, by owner.

My best option is to wait to sell the house and then buy the rig and then travel but that is not the only option. My other option is to buy the rig/TT now, apply for some workcamping jobs even though it's late in the game for that and then travel to the job, learn more about my rig and in May of 2014 when I can add Social Security as another source of income, I would then have the choice of workcamping or not. The last option is work until May 2014 or until the house sells and then hit the road.

I did look at and thought of keeping the house as a few suggested or even rent it out but looking at all the angles, being an out of state out of mind landlord or home owner is never a good thing in my opinion.  I need a clean break while I am out traveling. No late night calls from renters or disturbing news by email about a house problem.

If I decide RVing fulltime is not for me, then I move to a place I like in the west and go from there. As they say in basketball "no harm no foul".

Sooooo, it's back to selling as much as I can and/or donate what doesn't sell to the local goodwill or others that need it.

You didn't think I would leave you hanging by ending this post and not telling you my fear(s) did you?

1.  Financial disaster - either have something break on the RV/Tow Vehicle that would cost a lot of money to fix that would put a huge dent into my savings. Even after seeing all options spelled out for me on an Excel spreadsheet showing me that it would be ok, that I had enough income to live on ... the question was always in the back of my mind "what if...."

2.  Regret - selling a house already paid for where you have lived for 16 years. I don't 'love' where I live, but it's not that bad, where I just have to move to keep my sanity. Plus, having to buy a house later possibly where I was getting less bang for the buck .. but like a friend reminded me the other day, the difference in house cost is the cost of living in an area that you love compared to an area that you could leave at any time.

3.  Dogs - My dogs have a great set up here. The field behind the house where we walk every day is 10 acres of hay.  Would it be good enough for them to travel all the time and be outside in the dirt of the desert floor at times, etc, while their environment now is perfect for them? I know they can/will adjust but I kept wondering if it was the right decision for them.

Those were basically the 3 main fears.

They WERE a factor in not making a decision sooner because at some point in time I started focusing on the worst possible situations instead of remembering what led me to RVs enough to learn about them and the places to travel and how to boondock. I forgot about my original plans to "follow the weather", or travel to see a specific area that I had been to in the past or an area that I had always wanted to visit but never took or had the time. Or, have the ability to pack up and move when my mind wanted to change views.

You have NO reason to believe me because I have said the decision has been made before....you can scroll down on the right side of this blog to the "decision" or "decision is made" and see the number of times I posted that....but finally it has been made and I am already in action to make it happen.

1.  Final inspection level cleaning by Sunday afternoon.
2.  For Sale sign planted in the front yard by Sunday afternoon after the cleaning evolution.
3.  Look for, find and buy the vehicle, a Class C or TT
4.  Advertise my 2006 Mini Cooper and my 1994 Chevy Pickup for sale in various formats.
5.  Sell as many possessions as possible before I leave.

The excitement is back about fulltiming on the road, selling everything and not looking back.

P.S. - Yes I will post a picture on this blog Sunday night that shows the For Sale sign in the front yard with the house in the background!!!