November 29, 2022

I Am Done Blogging


The hounds, the dog and myself are healthy and good. After 11 years I am tired of trying to put just a post together. My public blogging days are over. Thanks for your visits over the years, the comments and emails. 

That is all from 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

November 12, 2022

First Snow For 22-23 Winter

We were warned Thursday when it was 79° that snow was possibly a week from Friday.(18th). By last night's tv weather news, they changed that forecast to snow starting around 4:00am this morning and stopping before daylight. He was right and wrong. It did start around 4am but it has not stopped snowing a little more than 4 hours later. Will it start melting this afternoon when the temps are in the mid 30's for the high temp of the day?

If you look really close to the left side of the photo, just left of the fence post is Watson outside at 5am checking things out. 26° was too cold to stand with the door open to take photos.

November 03, 2022

Nothing Exciting To Report

As we move into our second fall here in "Pleasantville" the weather has been fantastic. Daytime highs reach the 70s and it is not freezing at night while the hounds, the dog and I sleep. One thing that is happening which is not good for this weekend's time adjustment, is we have been going to bed way too early and waking up way to early. Early enough that the hounds don't get fed immediately but they are happy to wait an hour or two for the regular time for their breakfast. It is I, that is getting up way too early, so they sleep.