March 21, 2022

Bones For All The Boys

Seeing that the highs were going to be 74° with a lot of sunshine, I had my first lawn day today. It was hot sunshine until about 5pm when the clouds started blowing in from that huge storm on the way in the midwest. We will get that late tonight and it will rain all day tomorrow ... so the hounds and the dog enjoyed their day outside today as did I. Each has a knucklebone to chew, spaced far enough apart to hopefully prevent any fighting. Yes, they do fight if another wants two bones instead of just his.

March 18, 2022

IU Cheerleader Gets Biggest Cheer

As my team was being "taken to the woodshed" as some say, in last nights March Madness game in Portland .. the hounds, me, my texting friends and IU fans scattered all over the USA didn't have a lot to cheer about. That was until a shot by Trayce Jackson-Davis bounced off the rim, up and over the bankboard, landing on top of the goal structure full of braces, the shot clock and tv cameras.

March 12, 2022

Yes It's Normal

This time last Saturday I was sitting outside on the patio in 75° weather, the hounds were enjoying the backyard and the warm sunshine. Yesterday on Saturday it started snowing, ending up with a little over 3" and temps this morning at 16°. If you live in Indiana or are from Indiana you know this is not a surprise for weather in March. I have experienced blizzards in the third week of March where highways were closed and only "essential" traffic was allowed.

March 06, 2022

Hank Returns

It was an exciting day Saturday as Walter's new friend Hank dropped by for a visit. This one moved into darkness and by that time both hounds and both bulldogs were half asleep on the patio deck in the dark. They had played all afternoon and early evening. I will get to his visit later as I try to catch up from Friday where the hounds and the dog enjoyed weather in the 70's. On Friday they spent 5 hours outside while I made a short 200 mile roundtrip excursion.

March 03, 2022

The Mind Is Restless

You would think after 10 months, give or take a few weeks, I would finally feel like this is home since my move last May. Honestly it has not. I remember before June 2019, when I would pull into the driveway of the small rural house I lived in with the hounds, it would feel like I was home. That is one reason I did not move for 22 years when I could have any time. I'll warn you, there will be some rambling in between the photos today. In the meantime it was a beautiful day here yesterday, temps reaching 75°, and my head and face showing a little sunburn this morning.

February 26, 2022

Hounds & Dog Survive Rains

We've had some torrential downpours last week, mixed in with freezing temperatures. With it being 37° today Henry felt it was time to take the layer of ice off of the outside water bowl and drag it out into the yard for some good ice chewing. It didn't take long for Walter to request to go back inside. The yard is a mess with all the water, the house is a mess with dogs tracking in dead grass on wet paws. Warm weather is on the way so there is plenty of time to vacuum all the grass inside.

February 21, 2022

Nothing But Photos

It was nice and warm today at 65° but overcast by the afternoon. A lot of rain is scheduled for tomorrow and that will turn into sleet and ice by Wednesday. So today I sat in my patio chair and took photos. All of them were taken with my Nikon and no iPhone photos. Not much else went on, but I thought with all the photos I had today that I would make a post like this.

February 20, 2022

From Winter To Spring

The high temperature just two days ago was 27° after breaking rain records the day before that 27° cold snap with 2.25" of rain. Yet today I sat outside on the patio with the dogs in the yard in 61° weather. "From Winter to Spring" in just a day. It will only last to Tuesday but I'll take it. I love warmer weather. It is good to see the red, white and blue blowing in the wind. With everything going on in the world today, the sounds of semi-automatic gunfire at the shooting range a short distance away framed the whole picture. What will the future bring? Do the top three people in DC even care what that flag means anymore? I doubt it.

February 19, 2022

Anti-Vax Canadian Protests

A friend sent me a video from Twitter yesterday to show me what was on their news. I didn't see anything on tv here nor the online news about it until this morning.  Yes, you see people on the ground and on the video I saw horses knocking them over and walking on them. It looked like some horses were stomping on those that were knocked down. This photo is from Canada ... Is this going to be a scene in the USA in the future? Will I be put on a list of some sort for posting it on a public blog? If you read Kunstler's blog on my sidebar he talks about a truck caravan forming in California with a departure date of February 23rd. I guess we will see what happens, since I have heard about that before as far back as November.

February 11, 2022

Walter Meets His Friend Hank

When we moved in, my mailman saw Walter outside and fell in love instantly. He asked one day if I could bring Walter out front so he could see him. Walter and Matt are big friends now. Walter will look for the mail truck about the time it arrives but not every day. He knows that Matt will stop and see him and feed him treats. Matt liked Walter so much he wanted one just like him. Solid color English Bulldogs are hard to find I guess. Matt also wanted one the same color. That made it even harder.

February 10, 2022

My Fall Last August

I took these photos yesterday morning before I walked the yard to clean up dog stuff. I didn't wear a coat in the 39° weather, it felt that warm. It had been days since I had been outside since I started tv binging on Netflix last Sunday. I know that might sound weird, strange or whatever but I'm retired. Time has no meaning. Just like now, I have been at my computer for almost three hours (3.5 hours by the time I finished this post) reading my daily stuff. It doesn't matter. That was my new 2022 policy and so far after 30 days it has worked very well. So I am going to tell a story between these photos today.

February 04, 2022

Snow Arrives

When I left you yesterday I had some ice, it was raining ice droplets but nothing major. Then around 2:30pm things changed. It started snowing and didn't stop until around 7:30pm. I went to bed with snow icons on my weather map every hour until 8am this morning. That seemed strange for this southern area. Luckily it stopped soon after I checked the patio. Those paw prints were not even covered with snow when we woke up this morning.

February 03, 2022

Minor Ice Storm Arrives

I have been receiving a few texts asking if I am buried in snow like the tv news shows. They have no idea what part of the US I live. I am in the midwest at the southern warmest tip of the state. What happens 15 miles north of me is much different than what I live in. I knew about the "ice storm" that was headed our way so it's no big deal. Actually I prefer what I have today, shown after this photo, compared to the non-stop rain and a flooded backyard I had yesterday.

January 24, 2022

Hounds Supervise Tree Company

I had called back in November to have the top rated tree company in the area take down the Bradford Pear tree too close to the house before storms would blow heavy limbs on my house. It had been cut before from damage in the middle of the tree prior to me buying the house. They are so busy they said they could not get to me until February or March. One of the crew told me today when I ask, they work 50 hour weeks through the winter. As you see when the large truck with the bucket pulled into the driveway, Henry and Watson were ready to supervise from the back and side yard fence.

January 21, 2022

News And Lots Of Photos

There is going to be some old fashion rambling in this post today. It was something I would do more of in the past. I can only blame it on the cold weather we are experiencing and remembering cold winter days a few years ago when I would take off rambling when writing a blog post. There is going to be a lot of hound photos along with the dog on this post, as well as some Verizon updates and some other topics that seem to get attention of the news. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy.

January 14, 2022

Verizon Update & Hounds Playing

Things have been moving along as usual. Things are being finalized with things I have have been waiting on so that is good. As of a couple of minutes ago my Verizon problem is almost completed, so close but will need to wait a few more days to receive the missing refund. I will tell the update in detail at the end of this post for those that are interested. Snow forecasted for Saturday so the hounds, the dog and I are getting hunkered down for the weekend. Netflix will be a life saver it looks like. Probably will not be more than an inch of snow.  LOL

January 09, 2022

Verizon Issue Turns Into Nightmare

Do you remember that Verizon story I told you in December. If not, it was in this post

Well it has turned into a nightmare of "systematic adjustments", computer generated. That is what the Verizon rep I talked to yesterday on the phone could not understand why or what was going on. So let me back up and catch you up on what has taken place since that post.

Hmmmm looking back I see I left you with my November 30th call to Verizon where the rep said I would receive my refund for days not used in the next 10-14 days. In the past when I canceled Verizon in 2020 to get a better bundle deal with ATT/DirecTV, the transfer was very smooth. Verizon sent me a Final Bill along with a refund check in the mail for the days I had paid for in advance but had not used. So they are capable but evidently not this time.

January 06, 2022

Watson's First Snow

Watson's day started at 19° and no snow. Where was it? The forecast was for 1" to 3", with snow between daybreak and 11am. Henry and Walter experienced snow last year in Sierra Vista. The only difference is that snow would be gone within two hours after it stopped. This snow will be here longer but the rain this weekend will wash away any snow that is left. Like all the other hounds I have had, most likely the snow would energize him and of course since he eats everything, he will try to eat it.

January 04, 2022

Hounds And Dog Like Cold Weather

I made a change from 720 to 1080 on the video settings. I have no idea how this loads on a tablet or phone, so if the larger file is a problem for you to see this video make a comment below and I will reload I deleted the 1080 video and reloaded the smaller 720 before I published this post. the short 15 second video of them playing on a day when it was 72° in the month of December. In fact it was that warm on Christmas Day but past blog posts show it was also that warm in Southern Indiana on Christmas Day in 2017.