December 30, 2020

Closing Out 2020

As you can see Henry keeps me pretty busy during the day. Those are sharp needles next to his nose but he loves the taste of potting soil so he is not stopped by a few needles. He has a great personality but I catch myself looking back to 2004 and trying to remember if Winston was this obnoxious as a puppy. He was six months old yesterday and is already waking me up at night or coming to get me in the day if he needs to go outside. Yet, I have to watch what I leave on tables and needless to say, my house is puppy proofed.

December 11, 2020

We Are Still Here

It's been not quite a month since our last post. I have been busy with some VW stuff, some hiking, hanging out in the warm sunshine and I admit, a few afternoon siestas. The hounds and the dog are okay. Heidi is a little gimpy the past couple of days so I am waiting to see if a vet appointment is needed. Her lower back is showing signs of old age and that is never a good thing. Walter and Henry play non-stop, sleep together at night and are still digging for gold or copper in the backyard when I am gone. Stella is just Stella as you will see in the photos below.