September 26, 2022

Leaves Hounds & Walter


Blogger is at it again as it listed my photos in reverse order than I sent them. In this post that will not matter because it's going to be all photos about Walter, the hounds and leaves. Leaves are starting to fall and change color. As you can see Walter was not interested in getting his photo taken.

September 25, 2022

Next Project Was Outdoors

I did take the day off kinda after painting the two rooms inside on Wednesday. The only thing that kept that day off from a full day off, I spent about 15 minutes painting on the 2nd coat of paint on all of the porch, front, side edges and on top plus the step. After that ... no labor of any kind. Thursday morning my friend saw in the paper that four WWII airplanes were showing up at the Evansville Wartime Museum. That is a whole different long story that I will not get into, might later. We were back by 1pm after a great drive in the Z4 through the country roads of Vanderburgh County but we did not stay to see all four airplanes.

September 21, 2022

Has Been Quite A Day

This post tonight will be just an update about my painting projects. No hound photos but I will say that we all had a busy day today and all three are sleeping by the computer desk in 'their' freshly painted computer room with no lingering paint fumes. I had planned to start around 9am but the porch was dry enough to start painting the porch earlier than planned and I am glad I did. When I finished at 9:20am it was only a muggy 81° but felt like 100°. I cleaned the brush and roller then headed inside to paint the living room.

September 20, 2022

It Was Paint Primer Day Today

With rain yesterday morning before we woke up that lasted until 10am, painting the porch was not an option. Now today some readers might think I am insane deciding to paint today because our weather was going to be in the 90s today and Wednesday and then on Thursday the temps drop to highs in the 70s. I started today thinking I could get the primer on the porch before 11am when it would be hot and then in the afternoon I could move inside and start painting my living room while in the AC air.

September 19, 2022

The Hounds And Dog Look For Answers

Just wanted to let you know that something weird is going on with Blogger today and possibly longer. While working with another blogger on the issue, we are having the same issues with blogs we follow on our sidebars. Some blogs have disappeared and others you cannot open their website. I just added six blogs to the follow list and only three of them work like they should.

September 16, 2022

Good Weather Brings Motivation

As you can tell we have been motivated since our last post. The sunshine has been out every day, cool 50s at night and no higher than 82 during the day. With that kind of weather a lot has been getting done. Not all work but a little fun on Wednesday afternoon. The yard is so dry that I bought a water sprinkler and started watering the backyard a few weeks ago. I decided to pay money for more water use to save my yard. That has worked out well.

September 07, 2022

Why I Don't Blog Every Day

This was my day today and it will give a visual explanation why I don't have time to blog about the hounds and the dog every day like I did more than three years ago when I lived north of here and had four different hounds. Last May when I high pressure washed the driveway, sidewalk and front porch .... some of the mortar surface on the porch came apart and peeled off the porch. I knew then I had a new project on my list for the fall when the temps were cooler.

September 05, 2022

Hounds & Dog Photos

After deleting my last three posts last week I thought I would go back to the date of my last post showing and add all the photos of the hounds and dog. I found out I have not taken that many. Rain off and on since Saturday so they haven't been doing much. All of us are happy that college football season has started.