June 22, 2022

To Winston's "Best Friend"


This is a post to a "secret admirer" and unscheduled. He will know who this is since he was Winston's "best friend". Google decided to post my photos in reverse order than what I submitted them so it is from his oldest photo to his youngest photo. The secret admirer's "notebook" will have most of these photos I am guessing but there might be one or two new ones for him. You can read more about Winston on his own page at the top of the blog called Winston's Story. The hounds, the dog and I will be thinking of you on your next doctor's visit. Good luck.

June 20, 2022

A Little Update After 3+ Months

As you will see things have been pretty normal around here. Nothing really to report on but I heard you and thought I should post a few photos of the hounds and the dog, plus a couple of extras. It was a wet April to say the least so the hounds spent a lot of time inside sleeping just waiting for the yard to dry out enough where they could run, lay in the grass with their bones. About that time the yard would dry out, it would rain again.