May 31, 2016

Sadie Says It's Never Too Late To Walk

Most of the time that I was writing that last post about an hour ago, Sadie was either standing in the doorway or next to my chair ... letting me know there was still time for a walk.

As we stepped outside the temps were perfect. It felt like we had moved into summer just like that.

Both hounds were pretty excited about walking after all they had spent most of the day stretched out either on the kitchen floor or the hardwood floor in the bedroom sleeping.

Stella was all over the place, darting from one spot to another. Her nose couldn't get enough of the scents.

Sadie was on the lookout throughout the walk for any kind of birds that might takeoff from ground level. She doesn't know that bloodhounds are not 'bird dogs'.

Stella didn't spend a lot of time behind us. She must have been smelling a million new scents since yesterday's walk.

As I mentioned before the hay is getting taller and now in most of the field it's hard to see either hound and the path I walk on has overgrown just in the matter of days. It is still barely visible.

About the time that I was going to call for Stella to keep her near instead of veering off to the right hand corner of the field, both hounds took off sprinting ... but I had not seen anything liftoff from the ground, nor did I see any deer.

They were close ... it wasn't long after they walked away that a bird took off from the deep hay ... it was hiding right between them in this next photo.

After they took off on the run, Stella turned but she was too late. I saw the bird fly away minutes ago. They still thought they were on the path to finding it ... but like I said, bloodhounds are not "bird dogs" ... they just think they are.

It's the time of year when the hay is so high that you can barely see the bloodhounds, that I remember when Winston would usually stand at the edge of the yard and field but not go on the walk with us. I could hear him barking as we would leave and I'm not sure but I think he probably barked the whole time we were gone because I'd hear him when we returned.

He didn't like walking when the hay was this tall.

Since I am not a morning person, or one that gets up at sunrise for the best light to take photos ... this time of day seems a lot better to get better photos. The problem is I catch my hands moving a lot when I click the shutter button ... because I can see the movement in the view finder.

We were close to finishing the walk and going back inside when they found something they were not leaving ... not even after calling them, bribing them by yelling their treat. I had time to go inside, load the camera card into the computer ... go back outside and they still would not come.

I finally walked out to get them plus I wanted to see what they had found so interesting but I found ... nothing.

With the temperatures and lighting for photos almost perfect after 8pm or so "tropics time" ... I may be posting later starting tomorrow because of each of those reasons. I don't like changing time twice per year but I love daylight savings time in the summer months. Of course to west coast readers, it's never to late to receive the daily post.

It's late but I'm thinking of some kind of food run here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

The Heat Zaps The Hounds

I'm writing a little late tonight but it might be my attempt to return to the routine of posting at the end of the day instead of early in the morning. That routine seems work best for me.

You'll see from the lack of photos that the hounds and I hibernated inside today due to the temperatures in the high 80's most of the day. It didn't take that long to get that high as I felt the heat around 9am when I made my first trip outside.

Stella was wanting nothing to do with the sunshine, closing her eyes to let me know she was not happy and wanting to go back inside. Sadie on the other hand is thinking of walks 24/7, rain, hail sleet or snow.

By lunch I was loving the weather, nice and hot but the urge to walk mid-day wasn't there. As you can see with the rain over the weekend then two days of hot sun the hay seems to have grown another foot taller and my yard that I just mowed a few days ago could be mowed again in part of the backyard.

In some photos it looks like Sadie has lost some weight as she has been trying to do but just a couple of weeks shy of 8 years old, she is the normal big heavy size for a bloodhound. I think I can see some waistline though.

Someone asked what kind of bird is nesting above the power meter. I really don't know because it doesn't stay around long enough for me to get a good photo. I tip toed outside today, had focus on the bird on the nest and before I could click it flew to the tree limb. Most of the time it will fly away before I can zoom in on the tree limb. They were looking for their inside nest yesterday and seemed a bit confused with the thermometer off the wall.

Stella was outside just long enough to sniff some dirt that the moles have pushed up in a couple of different spots. I didn't have her this time last year so I didn't know she likes eating that dirt when she gets a chance. She stops when hearing her name.

Sadie was giving me one last stare down wanting to walk but it's never a good thing to be walking at 89°. It's 8:33pm now so we still have enough daylight to take off right after this ... I'll add a different post after we get back.

I forgot to add that it was ear cleaning and toe nail cutting today outside. All three hounds were cooperative in both exercises.

Summer weather has arrived here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

The Hounds Were Too Quiet Yesterday

Weather wise it could not have been a more beautiful day with temps in the mid 80's and humidity only at 45%. The skies were bluer than blue.

Each of the hounds picked out their favorite sleeping spots and slept their day away. As long as they had their two meals, a walk and trips outside to break up the day ... they were happy. Yet they seemed quieter than normal today and that says something because they are quiet every day.

With the heat shining above the field was really wet this morning, it took a while before "scratching Stella" or Sadie had a desire to out into the tall grass.

About the time we came inside I glanced out the window in time to get another photo of a different farmer ... working as usual. I am not sure where he came from but he had highway traffic backed up for quite a ways and nowhere to pull off to the side.

After lunch Sadie was pretty sure it was dry enough for their walk. I thought Heidi was going with us today but as I mentioned the word "walk" she took off in the opposite direction.

Same angle as Sunday of the field after the storm but Monday it was much nicer.

I didn't realized until I started the walk just how wet the field was going to be, especially in the shaded areas.  It was almost noon when we did this but evidently that wasn't late enough. Legs and feet were soaked just as I started.

The wet grass didn't bother the hounds though. They were thrilled to be walking so I decided I'd let them be on their own, go anywhere they wanted at their own pace. I did not call their names at any time.

Sadie was pretty excited today over in Stella's area of the field ... that far right corner. She didn't stay long though before she came running to me.

Stella on the other hand had a lot of catching up to do over there, since I had not let her in that area in almost a week. I would keep calling her this past week to keep her fairly close to me.

When I turned around to look for Stella I didn't expect to see this ... but she was sprinting through the tall grass to catch up with us.

A good example of what the warm sky looked like today.

With the wind and rain Sunday afternoon you could barely see the worn path we take but it was there.

When we got back to the yard it looked like Heidi had been spending her time in the sun. Sadie went running over to her right away to make sure she was okay. Stella was nowhere in sight.

As I as looking for Stella out in the field she came out of the tall grass over on the north side of the yard. She had taken her own way home.

On a warm day like this, that shaded area looks pretty nice.

Once Sadie found out that Heidi was okay, she found the perfect spot to scratch her back. Stella only got in the way.

Heidi was happy I was back. She headed for the door and once inside sprinted for the couch.

Me?  I took off my wet shoes, squeezed the water out of my socks and let them dry under the sun.

It was a nice day yesterday here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.