October 27, 2020

The Puppies Are Diggers

I'm sitting here tonight a little before midnight and the temperature for the first time this fall has dropped below 50° ... It's 37°. It's actually pretty nice the times I have  stood outside in my cargo shorts with bare feet while the hounds and the dog take their last trip outside. See those two right there? They are giving me a run for my money. They are puppies and they are quite the team. From now on when they do things together they will be called "the boys".

October 22, 2020

We Have Another Bulldog!!

Well it's been a busy week and I have been able to drive both VWs out of town. During my drive back from Love's Truck Stop by I-10 and Hwy 90 on Tuesday, I was almost to Hwy 82 north of Huachuca City when I see Santa Fe Arts & Patio Furniture on my right. The driver behind me probably didn't like it but I took almost an immediate right hand turn and didn't have time to turn on a turn signal. I great inventory to look at. I had never seen the place with inventory until then or I was blind in my previous trips.

October 19, 2020

The Hounds & The Dog Are Fine

I suspect that some may be wondering if I have come in contact with the virus since I have never taken it serious ... but I have not. I have been between busy and lazy. Some days I have not taken even one photo but had a great day and other times I don't see a photo that I would blog about. So ... that is where the hounds, the dog and I have been.

October 13, 2020

Virus Stats & Sleeping Hounds

Another beautiful day here in the "Wild West" but there are over 300 of them in a calendar year so it's expected I guess. I'm a little late tonight because the day was just that busy. From the photos below you would think otherwise but I've been the one being busy the past couple of days. So let's get started. 

October 11, 2020

The Hounds Keep Me Busy

Sunday morning, 57° and the sun is trying to peek around the neighbor's tree and over the Mule mountains. It was another great day here today with highs in the 80's and the AC never clicking on automatically since the windows were open all day today. I hope I never get to the point of taking this for granted. Walter had all of us up bright and early but even he slept in until 5:10am. Once Henry knows that food is on the way he is a ball of energy with his tail going a mile a minute.

October 10, 2020

A Month Of Heidi

When I picked up Heidi from Basset Rescue in June 2011, they thought she was a year and a half old but wasn't sure. They had rescued her from an animal shelter with no papers, and no idea what her age was. That estimate was from one of their vets during her initial check-up. So I unofficially put her birth date December 2009. In her recent annual check-ups since we have moved, the vets here think she is older than 11 years old. Compared to Stella who turned 11 years old this past summer, Heidi looks at least a couple of years older. Hard to say. I do know she moves slower, a little stiff when she stands after sleeping but can still do the .62 mile walk with Stella. She enjoys sniffing everything as we walk. The camera is never taken on those walks because they are on their own leash and I don't have enough hands to hold a camera. She has always been the perfect house dog. Here she is in the month of September 2020.

October 09, 2020

Hounds & A Dog Hang Out

I can't put my finger on it but for some reason I have been extremely lazy lately and that has rubbed off on the hounds and a dog. They have become just as lazy as I have. I check my vital signs on my iWatch, take my blood twice in a day and find nothing out of the ordinary. Has tv and radio media wore me down with political bullshit making me feel this way? Or is it the China virus  after seven months of more media bullshit? I even pulled out a bike the other day to go riding and turned around at the end of the block. Stella doesn't take walks everyday like she use to and Henry is just a bit to small to try the .62 mile walk.

October 07, 2020

Walter Turns Down A Walk

What dog doesn't like to take a walk? It was going to be Walter's first official walk with the retractable leash, with none of the hounds going with us. I needed to take Henry's stool sample over to the vet which is close enough for us to walk to. Walter never left the porch. I unclipped the leash and walked back to the side walk, telling him to come on. He turned and started sniffing the bottom of the front door to see if he could get inside.

October 06, 2020

Henry Goes Visiting

It took 12 minutes before I could write my first word on this blog post tonight. I was so mad I could have thrown Blogger through my computer if that were possible. In fact I am trying something entirely different putting this blog together tonight ... I am writing everything out and then TRY to insert the photos HOPEFULLY in the paragraphs I want. The problem is (1) Blogger froze after 5 minutes while trying to load photos into the post. (2) Blogger froze another 5 minutes while I tried a different way to work with my photos in their system. (3) Blogger froze again as I tried pulling the photos that were uploaded into their Blogger Library ... so I am trying this along with a different browser.

October 05, 2020

Photos From Yesterday & Today

It was right after I posted Sunday night that I remembered I had used my Nikon D3500 but forgot to download the photos. So, here is Henry yesterday playing with the favorite bone that he and Walter will play to get it. The bone is almost as long as Henry. This batch of photos on this post were taken with the same camera but I later used the Nikor 70-300mm lens. I did a few odds and ends today. Did not go anywhere and am so lazy right now that I might order groceries for delivery. (did ... should get them in a couple of hours)

October 04, 2020

A Lazy Sunday

A little after 6am ... hounds and the dog fed, coffee tastes great and 63° sitting on the patio. I told myself yesterday that routines were going to change starting today and they did. I think I fixed the spark plug wire that was popping off the spark plug in my 1959 VW Single Cab. At least the 10 mile test drive proved so. I took the 1964 VW Panel Van to Tractor Supply to buy a bag of dog food to add to my own inventory. Both old VWs ran great. Yet, as you will see below, there was a surprise today ... Henry Henry Henry.

October 03, 2020

Henry's Controlled Environment Working

It was quite a surprise how good the new "controlled environment" went for Henry on Friday. He did not have the run of the backyard nor did Walter. I was back to the way I use to train puppies, especially those only 12 weeks old. Once they eat, wake up from a nap or stop after playing hard ... I opened the patio door and he or they went outside. Just like he was taught before I bought him, he peed immediately. But this wasn't so much about house training but prevention of destroying my yard with his digging. I wanted to control what he did in the backyard.

October 01, 2020

Henry Likes To Dig

Well Blogger was good for one night I guess but today we are back to the screwed up way of blogging. I hate it. I am even using Google Chrome as a browser because Blogger is owned by Google. Shouldn't that count for something? Beautiful sunrise today as each is different but rarely a bad one happens down here. A few surprises today and one was not what I was wanting to see.