February 29, 2024

Weather Bouncing Everywhere

I don't have much for this post. Last week I am in cargo shorts and a sweatshirt when it was 76° and yesterday and today I felt bitter cold winds in the 30's. But that is typical weather for Indiana as a state. He hounds and dog anxiously await for the days of me doing yard work and they staying outside most of the day. It can't be too far away because most of the time it feels like Spring is here.

February 18, 2024

Heat Wave Over 33°

It was more of the same today only the starting temps were much warmer than Saturday morning. With the sunshine out, most of the snow was gone by days end. Watson found a new person to bay at. Opposite side of the yard and by the time I saw him, the neighbor two house down was just walking behind his woodworking shed. After some exploring all three came inside for their normal mid-morning naps.

February 17, 2024

Snow Melts Under 32°

The day started off at 19° and very very bright sunshine. It stayed that temperature for almost three hours before the heat wave hit mid afternoon where it rose to a high of 26°. The temps didn't bother the hounds and each time I let them out I practically had to drag them back inside. You can tell the hounds and the dog had a pretty good day today.

February 16, 2024

Good Weather Turns To Snow

Our weather continues to be above their historical averages the past couple of weeks. Still our routine of winter hasn't seemed to change. The hounds spend more time outside while Walter and I stay inside. I was thinking the other day "if you have the windows open it is warm enough to go on a bike ride" ... but I am lazy, very lazy this time of year. History repeats itself.

February 04, 2024

To Early To Say Winter Is Over???

Since I last posted we have experienced a little bit of everything. Good and bad weather, a head cold, temps that were single digits as highs then almost 60° a week later. All of us did a lot of sleeping, a little eating and recently more book reading. So really, not a lot going on. Everything is normal.