August 31, 2021

Fall Leads To Concussion

This post will be fairly short but at least will explain where I have been. A week ago on Tuesday morning around 4:30am, half asleep, walking Watson to the yard so he could pee. He woke me up to go out. I did not know that he had tipped over the water bowl that sent water across the slick tile floor. I slipped and fell on the wet tile floor in the kitchen, hit the back of my head. Today is the first day I have made it through the day without taking medication or laying in bed or on a recliner.

August 22, 2021

The Heat & Humidity War

Henry was feeling pretty confident as the last bone of three was just to the left of him. You can barely see it between his front legs. The hounds and dog had spent most of the day (week) inside the air conditioned house because they are smart, unlike their AKC ratings. I am not complaining about the heat and humidity because I expected it if we moved. I thought about that before selling my house in Arizona. I also mowed the yard today in the middle of the day getting a good 50 minute workout. That AC felt great as I stepped into the house after trimming around the fence and driveway, then blowing the grass off the drive with a leaf blower. All is good in the hot and muggy "tropics" of Southern Indiana.

August 14, 2021

Henry Watson & The Bone

Activity levels have not changed since last posting. Daily routine in full force but every afternoon it's nice to finally get outside as the sun starts dropping behind the trees. Still humid by that time but nice. There were three bones in the yard Friday night and of course they wanted the same one. Walter monitored the situation a few times as things did get heated once or twice. Watson is now showing some offensive moves, howling and barking, so it's not all Henry's fault.

August 08, 2021

Baseball Ice Tea & Dog Bones

My period of non-motivation continues as the hounds and the dog and I float through each day drifting at sea. No plans and those that were are not started. I need food but don't want to shop for groceries and not sure I want to take the time to order online. So I guess I will live on ice tea, coffee, David's Pumpkin seeds and baseball. That is really too bad because we just had a week of great weather with high temps in the mid 80s and only sunny days. It is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow so maybe I can get jump started on Tuesday.

August 04, 2021

What Is Blogable?

My absence has been due to blog rut, I think. It happens and has over the years since starting this blog in October 2011. My very first blog was in 2005 when I was trying affiliate marketing along with my full-time online business with accounts at Amazon, eBay and three other websites. But those blogs were required for work not for enjoyment. As you will see from the photos, the hounds and the dog have been in their own rut but what would you expect of them when their owner is non-motivated.