October 27, 2022

Squirrels Torment Watson

Luckily the neighbors I have talked to about Watson find his "baying" funny and are happy to hear him. A few think he is a great watch dog if people are around the property. Whether it be a garbage truck, an AT&T Technician, Water delivery or the lawn crews ... Watson will sprint outside and give them his loud hello when none of them are in our yard or driveway.

October 25, 2022

Unexpected Excitement

It was only going to be for a few days but the hounds, dog and I did not hesitate going into our winter hibernation mode last week. For me that meant doing nothing. Literally. Hours and hours spent on the computer, movie watching, watching the baseball playoffs and some more analysis on tv service provider. The dog (Walter) changed his routines slightly where he not only took over Watson's chair at night but decided sleeping on Stella's sleeping bag in the corner across from the bed wasn't warm enough for him. On the bed was better.

October 17, 2022

Leaf Project 2022 Phase I

As you will notice, compared to past Leaves Projects I have blog about here, I have a different team of supervisors with Henry being the only one that did anything like my past hounds. We have been waiting for the leaves to hit the ground but not until I looked at past blog posts about leaves did I realize we might not see all the leaves off the trees until mid-November. There will be a different change this year compared to our first fall here last year in 2021. I will be doing more raking leaves than mowing leaves.

That temporary fence was taken down last Thursday.

October 10, 2022

Fall Has Arrived

It doesn't matter if I like hot weather. Fall temps are here, it's cold in the mornings and I have already broken down in early October turned he heater on just long enough to heat the house a little to take the edge off.  It will take all day outside to get to the predicted high of 78°.

October 05, 2022

What Is That Sound ???

I was at my computer minding my own business enjoying the cool temps with the windows open. I heard a sound that didn't sound familiar yet it was in the neighborhood. Did someone get a new high powered mower? I didn't see anyone mowing their yards from the view of my computer room window but from the sound of it whatever it was ... was huge!! On occasion  I will hear the train but that is much further away from the neighborhood and this didn't sound like that train. No, this sounded like it was right in the backyard. I step out on the patio and see the two hounds trying to figure out what that loud strange sound is.