February 28, 2023

A Beautiful "Tropics" Day

With a late start to the day, they still got their walks in, a late lunch turned into a short siesta with the windows open. Not much was done different than any other day. A couple of hound walks, time on the patio under the sun, some lunch and some Reds baseball.

February 26, 2023

The Hounds Know


They may have been out a few times this morning to explore the yard like they always do. With temps in the 40's that is warm enough to where they don't want to come inside ... except Walter. While Henry and Watson walked the yard with noses to the ground, they were really interested in something else. It is something they have become addicted to. They are waiting for me to clean the yard so right after I am finished, they know they get to go on their morning walks.

February 25, 2023

Pizza And Baseball

Thanks to Barney suggesting the other day I do some research on backlit photos, that led me to go over all the settings on my Nikon D3500 and I changed a few things from what I found. Consequently my photos today look just like they did when the camera was new. I had not been happy with the quality of the photos for a long time. Of course these were taken mid day on a bright sunny day, so lighting made a difference too. Still I can tell a big difference in quality.

February 24, 2023

Hounds Pretty Quiet Today

 So much for the warm weather we were experiencing. Woke up to 28° and I didn't last too long on the patio this afternoon in 41° weather. It was bright and sunny though and that was a good thing. We didn't do much today. Watson and Henry got their walks in, they met the painter down the street at the house I showed yesterday. The house will be a "flip" once another crew finish the inside with updates. He said it was in great shape to begin with.

February 23, 2023

Squirrels And Charlie

Another beautiful day here today, 66° sounds of birds, a squirrel sighting and finally all of us get to see Charlie, a big white puppy a couple of houses down from here. He is 10 months old and his owner tells me he is not destructive inside when left alone but likes to pee on the shoes of his grown son when they visit. It was a restless and sad day today ... we went on hound walks, out for lunch but couldn't seem to just sit outside and relax ... Samson was put down today around noon local time.

February 22, 2023

Walter Makes An Outdoor Appearance

It was hard to believe under skies like this, that Walter would make an appearance outside. It took him a while as these photos are in order they were taken. 65°, warm and windy when I opened the door to let hounds outside for the first time. It was darker than this at the time, a little before 6:00am.

February 21, 2023

Is Winter Really Over ??

Winters down here in "the tropics" are a little different than cities and towns in other parts of the state. We are actually further south than Louisville and much further south than St Louis. So the big storm predicted for Wednesday will blow by north of us and we will have high's in the 70's tomorrow and Thursday. The hounds love it and so does the dog. They spent most of their day outside on Monday. Henry and Watson had great walks with Samson Watson having quite the test to show me how good he is.

February 19, 2023

Never Ring The Doorbell


The Sunday afternoon was a nice 58° and all of us were in a deep siesta, when I woke to hear the doorbell ring and two hounds and a dog were sprinting down the hallway to the front living room windows to see who was visiting. That included a lot of barking as usual. As I leaned over to look through the lower glass of the door, it was a girl holding a menu for Girl Scout Cookies.

February 18, 2023

A Quiet Saturday For The Hounds & Dog


Hard to believe it was a week ago tonight where a lot of things changed around here. It's going to take a pretty long time to forget it. The two previous owners of Samson and I have analyzed, talked and asked many questions. All of us have second guessed what we did, then why we did it. Thanks to Lynn and another reader that commented, all three of us had a better understanding on what happened with Samson. In hindsight, there were some red flags after we read about "rage syndrome". There is a lot of moving pieces to that puzzle, all with a sad ending.

February 17, 2023

Is It Spring Yet ???

That's the question Walter is asking, "is it spring yet'. All signs are there. 69° just a couple of days ago before he had an inch of rain, flooding the backyard again. Temps are to be warm again the next few days. Plus he spent some time this past week sleeping in the hot sun on the patio deck. He is just curious. He did go outside first thing Thursday morning after hit has rained all night. He even slide outside between rains later in the day. He was feeling pretty good after he had a fresh bowl of water without any hound drool floating around in it. He hates that and refuse to drink until he gets a clean bowl.

February 16, 2023

A Tetanus Shot & Antibiotics

A lot has happened I guess from my last post. Some of it information by those that have experienced "rage syndrome" and information from urgent care about my deep wound and other small dog bites. It's all good information though, so no worries there. So where do I start ??

February 14, 2023

Physically I'm Healing Mentally I'm Not

Combined with great weather, warm enough to spend time outside, and my hand healing with no problems so far ... things are good. Sad but good. I realized Sunday morning I must have been in shock Saturday night and possibly the reason that the officer said I was the calmest person of his three dog bite calls that night. Since that time I have sorted and analyzed what happened. Why did I call animal control so fast after I walked back inside from the garage? I have second guessed myself on making the call until I remember how he acted towards me and the two control officers. There was a reason they shot him with a tranquilizer.

February 11, 2023

Samson Attacked Me Saturday Night


That 1% I spoke of 10 days ago happened Saturday night. Unprovoked. It was halftime of the IU game and I had gotten up walking this direction, planning to make a right turn down the hallway to the bathroom. Just as I stepped on that wood I heard a loud  ATTACK bark growl and when I turned left to see what was going on, Samson lunged at me. The worse attack mode I have ever seen a dog in. You can see the kitchen table moved to the right. That must have happened as I struggled to get out of his grip ... and trying to get away from him. I was backing up through the kitchen fighting him off hoping to get to the garage and shut the door.

A Beautiful Saturday


The temps increased from 29° early in the morning to 47° by early afternoon. That mean a lot of backyard hound play and walks for all three of them. I tried but Walter has zero interest in going out to walk, although without a leash he will walk with me to the mailbox. He waits on the driveway while I walk across the street to get my mail. Nothing but photos after this. IU game at 5pm but I will be out on the patio enjoying this weather as long as I can.

February 10, 2023

It Is Samson's Seat Now

I think it is part of having more than one hound or dog. They follow you where ever you go sometimes, just sometimes, because they want the attention from you. They think you might give that to the other hounds or dog. So today when I sat down in the love seat in the living room, they all came running from the great room ... "what's he doing in there" ???

February 09, 2023

Hounds & Dog Go With The Flow

After a night of rain, our totals were only .95" of rain in the past 24 hours. It seemed like a lot more than that based on the saturation of the backyard. Those forecasted high winds were here by the time we got up at 6:30am. About the time the hounds and the dog were at the patio door, the lights came on. The power went out about an hour earlier. It didn't take long for that bright sunrise to turn into this, dark and gray clouds. The "feels like" temps were about 5° colder than what was showing up on my phone.

February 08, 2023

Knucklebone Day & Flooding


With high winds and rain in the forecast I thought it might be time to reach into the bottom cabinet drawer, the dog drawer, and pull out three brand new knucklebones. When they cannot go outside they need something to occupy them. I bought three last month to store not knowing then I would need four, but it has all worked out. Oh ... those high winds and rain have not arrived as of this morning. Typical for this area. A lot of times storms blow around our location and that is always a good thing.

February 07, 2023

Hounds Started Early


You can tell by the tone of the photos it was early, like 7:30am and it was overcast with rain in the forecast. The made no difference to the hounds as they were outside early chasing each other, wrestling until the light rain showed up. I had to yell'' "milk bone" to get the three of them inside. Walter is included in that treat even though he was inside staying dry.

February 06, 2023

TV Update

When I left you yesterday the question asked was ... Do I leave my tv low on the coffee table, where I like it the most or put it back up on top of the gas fireplace to keep it safe from hound dog nose prints and a possible accident like yesterday?? As I sat drinking coffee and waking up this morning in the computer room, I could hear the hounds in the great room playing. They are allowed to do that. Yet all I could think about was the possibility of another tv accident. THAT motived me enough to move it to where it was when I first moved here. I had it up and running by 9:45am.

February 05, 2023

An Unbelievable Day - Seriously

Due to the "unbelievable one in a million chance" I am going to scramble your brain cells on this post. I am going to talk about what happened, even the sequence of events because some do not have photos. It will be before I talk and show you photos of Saturday afternoon and early this morning.

February 04, 2023

Morning Play Session

Their morning play session about 7:30am at 19° ... believe it or not, Google put the photos in order. I'll post a video in tonights post.

February 03, 2023

Familiar Times


We didn't do anything special, no hats, no ice cream or doggie cakes. It was Walter's 3rd birthday on February 1st. I remember sitting down at the computer on a rainy Saturday in Sierra Vista AZ in April 2020. I was looking for another bloodhound but they all seemed to be east of the Rockies and I wasn't going that far for a hound. Then I thought, what about an English Bulldog? I had always liked them and wanted one. So I found an ad in Tucson. I made a phone call, he was still available and I headed up there to see him. He is the same color as his dad who was huge and the size of my mom, which was small. So he is a small male by AKC standards but a great dog.

February 02, 2023

A Good Day For The Hounds And Dog


Google is up to its old tricks again reversing the order of my photos no matter how I load them. It takes too long to load them per content so I have always loaded them all at once, and type between them. So I will think in reverse order as I write. It's been a really good day for the new bloodhound and it's only 2:15pm local time. All four of them are in a deep sleep with Walter snoring loud from his spot in the computer room. Here you can get a better idea just how tall a bloodhound is.

I Knew Watson Would Change

Just a short quick post to show that Watson finally decided Samson was good this morning. Just like Sadie did with Stella in August 2015. They all ate this morning without a dog fight over food. They drink out of the same water bowl. The larger one from outside has been brought inside to the mudroom. I had just walked to the patio door to check on them outside and they were sprinting on the slick icy yard .. by the time I got my camera they had moved over to the side yard to wrestle.

Nothing but photos. Samson in the choker collar, Watson has his black collar and of course you are already know Henry. 25° Walter is inside where it's warm.

February 01, 2023

Samson Arrives After All


Like always when I decide to do something I keep thinking about it, did I make the right decision? I kept thinking with his breeding, a littermate of Watson, he should be a good bloodhound. After 21 months maybe he could use a different environment. I was pretty sure my three would be okay with him. Their only experience of having another dog here was last spring when the bulldog Hank stopped by to visit.

So sometime after 10am and about the time I was going to text the owner to tell him that I had changed my mind and I would take him. The picture above showed up from the owner. How could you resist a face like that ??? LOL

I Deleted The Post About Samson


I deleted the post I wrote yesterday about adopting Samson because it's not going to happen. The later the night got, the more thoughts of common sense came into my head. Various reasons to adopt him a just as many not to. A few years ago when I was thinking of rescuing a basset hound or bloodhound, I can't remember which, a friend told me "Steve you cannot save all of them". That rang true last night.

The problem was with him, unlike Stella in 2015, Samson has a biting problem. Some things might be consistent in what causes him to turn aggressive but it was said he could at a "flip of a switch" for no reason. THAT would be hard for a non-profession trainer (me) to fix. It would take a lot of time and training to get him past that.

For all the time it would take would be less time I spend with Watson, Henry and Walter. Less attention for them to give attention to the new bloodhound. No matter what anyone says, you can only give 100% and it's hard to spread that out evenly.

Watson has really responded to his new training. I would hate to change his routine right now and have him compete with a new bloodhound that would be in a lot of training. Even if Samson got along with all my hounds and the dog, who's to say one of mine would not like him moving into their territory or want one of their bones. I am afraid it would turn into a hound/dog fight that I could not break up.

This morning I notified the owner and the lady that is trying to place him. I have not heard back from the owner but I have from her. She understood but it was hard to read "you were the best chance he had".

I may have been but those words ring in my head "Steve you cannot save all of them".