November 26, 2021

A Trip Through The Past

Once I had my new Samsung T5 External SSD as the source to my 557Gb photos library, I caught myself going through a lot of folders of photos. I wanted to see if everything transferred okay to the new drive. These folders are made by me, not the automatic ones by Apple. I will try to comment on each one, as my memory will get a workout.

Maggie only lived to 7 years of age. Once she was diagnosed with cancer, the disease spread faster each day. We had a little photo shoot at the house the last weekend she was home.

November 24, 2021

Day After Fence Cleanup

I realize it is the day before Thanksgiving and the guy going to send me a quote is probably on holiday routine which is fine. In fact it might prove to be a good thing.  From the get go once I had those screws handed to me last night I knew I could put that fence back the way it was. It took me no more than 10 minutes to hammer the post lower, adjust the horizontal rods as I went and then screw in the six screws. It felt just as stable as it did before.

Power Lines Down Over My Fence

At 10:02pm I received a text from my utility company "we are aware of a power issue at or near 1420 Brookdale Dr, affecting 52 customers. Estimated repair completion by 1:25 am - actual time may vary". Power was back on at 1:49am after the hounds and dog inspected their back yard.

Of course when that text hit my phone, that is always recharging in the kitchen, the hounds, the dog and I were dead to the world. We did not hear a thing. In fact I got up a little after midnight to get something to drink and didn't notice the two trucks with headlights on parked at the corner of my property and my neighbors. I realized the power was off when I opened the refrigerator door but thought nothing of it and went back to bed. I did not notice the text on the phone which is on the counter by the fridge. 

Another hour passed and I am back up again because I can hear people talking outside. I get up and walk to the patio door where I can barely see what I think is a huge tree hanging over my fence!!

November 23, 2021

Winter Is Here

It took a while but the leaves finally changed color a couple of weeks ago. I found these photos on this post today, on my camera last night, photos that I thought I had already downloaded. So the title says "winter is here", what does that mean? Yesterday I spent a day outside for the first time since moving back to Indiana with a high of 31°. That is similar to winter mornings in Sierra Vista AZ in January but there is a huge difference between here and there. By the afternoons out there, that high elevation sunshine was hot and temps would be in the 70s.

November 20, 2021

Watson's A Changed Bloodhound

I am only guessing that since Watson was neutered the 28th of October, that is the reason for his change in attitude. The differences are obvious so I don't know of anything else I can pin it on. He is only a few weeks older since that unexpected surgery to get that large piece of Mexican blanket out of his blocked intestine. This coming week he will be only 7 months old. One nice thing is, with all the three males neutered, there is less all out fighting taking place over any knuckle bones, the nylon bone with bacon flavor or the Kong balls filled with treats. I still supervise with a watchful though when they have those on the floor or in the backyard. Anything food related has been phased out.

November 13, 2021

Light Pollution & Watson's Normal

For the third time in 27 days, my house and backyard lit up like an airport runway Thursday night. I had sat down to watch a movie and couldn't figure out the reflections I was getting through my patio door. It was bouncing off the window left of the tv and was blinding me while I sat on my couch. Then it dawned on me what was going on. It was the LED security light from the neighbors barn/shed. It is a motion detection light that never turns off. Or she says it is a motion detection light.

November 04, 2021

The Hounds & Dog Know It's Colder

Yes it use to get cold over night in Sierra Vista, AZ but when those same daytime highs were in the 50's the sun was much more intense than here, ~4,500 higher in elevation, it was warmer. Here you have to wear a coat during the day. It is interesting to see the hounds and the dog change their sleeping habits as the temps drop outside with a warm house inside.