October 29, 2011

Can't Stop Thinking of RVing Full Time

Well it is Saturday morning here in Indiana and so far I haven't accomplished anything planned today. I am needing to install a new storm door but it was in the 30s this morning when the hounds and I went outside for the first time of many today. (They think I am their doorman on Weekends) So without being motivated enough to start that installation and complete before my addiction of college football that starts at noon, local time....it looks like it might be a multiple day job.

Thanks for all the new followers, comments and emails.  It is certainly nice to hear from those that have gone through similar thoughts I have had when first thoughts of RVing full time start to appear on a daily basis. As you see I have added some new blogs from the ones you listed and I liked. Also my favorite links is increasing and you will notice that is also becoming longer.  

I figured out the process of uploading photos to blogger from iPhoto. I have also renewed my little knowledge of HTML to where I can manipulate the way I want things.....except staring this post to the right of the photo above instead of below it.
That picture is across the highway from my house, looking from my drive.  It is a July picture but looks much better than what is there now, since the farmer spent last Thursday picking his corn before it rained. Is the view a reason I am hesitant in selling my soon to be paid for small house in rural america? 

Like I said yesterday, I have about decided what I need is a Class C - 25-29', 1 or 2 slide outs, and something around the $50K range or lower. After reading some blogs last night and then at different RVs pictured online I was feeling pretty good about what I wanted.

That is until I called my friend Dennis in Alamogordo NM who has converted an older passenger bus into a 40' beautiful RV.  Here is a picture of it:

That paint job is a vinyl application like you see on cars for NASCAR. The dome in front is the TV Satalite with 2 AC. So you see where I am going with this story?  Scrambles the brain cells doesn't it. Yet I would be limited in where I could park, what RV parks I could get into. Yet it is built with added features to boondock for quite a long time.

These pictures will give you some idea what is inside but they were taken during installation.  He is about finished wrapping everything up and will take finished photos then. He and his wife bought all top of the line stuff.

With the amount of generators, propane tanks, fresh -gray-black water tanks, staying somewhere solo for a while is possible. Tires have been changed to be able to get off and on pavement. Everything inside is new, from the laminate flooring to the custom made kitchen cabinets. You might be wondering why is he selling this after doing all the work???  Health reasons.
It is so tempting, it's within my price range, I know he has done quality work with long term RVing in mind. Gets 10-12 mpg cruising at 55-60 mph. Still it's HUGE! It might be too much to drive for a first timer like myself. I was really beginning to like those Class C's 25'-29' long.

So there you have it.  It's a lazy Saturday morning so far, good coffee, the hounds have been out and are all sleeping for most of the day and I sit here and read new information, new blogs and look at different vehicles.....and my storm door is still in the box leaning up against the wall waiting to be tackled.

The converted 40' Bus or the Class C RV ?????


  1. Hi there,
    I came over when I stopped at Barb's blog this morning.
    If I don't stop adding blogs to my list I will be sitting here 24 hrs a day. :)

    While your fiends bus is really nice thats alot of stuff. I don't know if you are a single.

    I have a "96" 23 ft. Class C Winnie Spirit. I was thinking of selling it while I was away over the summer in a tt that sits permintly in an RV Park. I was thinking of buying a van and converting it into a camper so I can be mobile up north. Then I opened the door and new I couldn't get rid of her. While I just have one small dog it is plenty big enough for us. You listed the size you are thinking of and I think that would do you fine. Of course thats just my 2 cents and today that aint worth much.

    Check out Travelin with John he has a really nice Class C.
    I will keep readin your blog to see where you go.

  2. "You listed the size you are thinking of and I think that would do you fine."

    JOJO.....I think you are right about this. As I sit here watching football today and thinking....I keep thinking my original thoughts on size on on the right track.

    Thanks for following.

  3. Hey Bhounds~we have similar dreams. Your buddy's bus is great. I think I have bus envy!

  4. The bus is beautiful...but...do your research and drive different types of rigs before you make a decision. Factor in safety, drive-ability, and livability before you make your decision. We found our "dream machine" after reading through some RV ratings guides. It was worth the cost of the guides to get an unbiased opinion on different RVs. Good luck.

  5. Wow, I'd love that bus! That was my dream when I first started looking about 4 years ago...but when it came to the pocketbook I had to downsize a little. lol We bought a 34' Allegro Bay Class A with one slide. It's a 2000 and we got it in the $30 range. We travel with one little furry companion and there's plenty of room for us all. Most of ur campgrounds now r big rig friendly so u'd have more choices than u think but also some of them require that rigs not be over 10 years old. I'd still love to have a bus but only if I win the lottery. Not a likely occurrence. lol I love traveling with Killer, so named because he will lick u to death. He loves to walk and we do a lot of that at rest areas between stops and around the parks when we park. We've found a couple with doggie parks where u can let them off-leash and of course he enjoys them. I'd love to fulltime but due to my health problems that is not possible. I have terminal cancer that has settled in my bones so I have to be here every 6 weeks for a dr. visit but we're on the road when possible. Just returned from a 3 week stint in Pennsylvania with my husband's family...now planning on a week stay at a Corps of Engineer campground in a week or so. As someone mentioned earlier, test drive many different ones and u'll have a much better idea of what u want. We ended up buying ours out of state because we found some really nice folks to deal with in Marietta, Georgia. Their website isn't much but they have a great selection of all kinds of homes and are good christian folks in their dealings, not to mention great service after the sale. So, much luck in ur search and maybe see u on down the road.

  6. Wow, that's one nice bus, but I think you are probably on the right track thinking of the ClassC for your means of living. Have you ever seen the movie, Best in Show? One of the guys on that movie (actor) was showing a bloodhound out of his RV. (nice looking & moving bh too at that)