May 20, 2012

After A Day of Yard Work

I did some things yesterday that I would put under "house maintenance", that I would not be doing if I were RVing full-time. I am sitting here, almost 9am, feeling the heat building from the outside ... wondering if I can spend another day working on my latest yard project.

Through a suggestion of a friend a few years ago, I laid River Rock in the flower beds in front of my house, with no border. Yesterday I bought what border was left at the local landscaping biz and had enough to do one section in front of my house.  Wasn't bad, dug out only dirt, inserted the brick borders and covered with Cypress mulch around my Yews I put in last fall.

Now the work begins. I have 25' x 4' of River Rock bed to take out and move to the back side of the house. Then dig out to put in the brick border, level them and dig out dirt from the bed and level that. Put the black material for preventing weeds  (does the stuff ever work) and then cover with more Cypress mulch.

It's going to be 90 today and yesterday 86-88 felt like the end of the world while I worked outside.

At different times of taking breaks, drinking lots of water and even after a 2 hour mid-day nap ... I kept thinking what it would be like if I were boondocking in my Class A RV (not bought yet) and sitting outside with the hounds in a nice mid 70's atmosphere with little humidity. Wondering where I would be this time of year.

Also wondering what I would do when I become bored while RVing.

What do you full-timers do when boredom hits  you while you are on the road?

When I am bored here, I usually hit the local college town (25 miles away), for bookstores, camping stores and my favorite watering hole for the 12" Stromboli sandwich and then cruise back home to the spot outside of a small town, with 15 acres of hay behind me.

What would I do if I were bored while RVing full-time?  Let me know what you do while traveling and boredom hits.

Well, its shade on the west side (front) of the house, so off I go to start my day of more landscaping.

I wouldn't be doing this if I were full-timing already .... would I?   (laughing)


  1. Landscaping was fun and rewarding when I was younger, but I will have to say the manual labor is not something I miss. With computer and TV on board I just don't get bored. Usually I'm busy planning and researching my next adventure. History is my thing and there is always more information to dig out.

  2. I never get bored. I read my Kindle, watch TV, play computer games, write my blog and read blogs and post comments, the occasional nap, but only if I've been up late the night before, take Katie for numerous walks.

    I listen to the radio and listen to books on tape from my MP3 (free downloaded from the library) while I play computer games. I clean The Palms, do the laundry, make shopping lists, shop for food, cook meals and clean up right afterward. I occasionally take my Kindle outside and read when the weather is perfect. I take lots of photos on our walks and upload them.

    If there are birthdays, etc., coming up, I make cards on my computer using card programs and add my digital graphic elements to personalize them. Print out and mail. Pay my bills on-line and balance my checkbook. If I have my Wii hooked up to my TV, I can exercise using my Wii Fit.

    I basically do all the same things I did in my condo. Except I'm not usually paying any rent, HOA dues, or utilities and have a much better view. And you know something else, if you get tired of the view, you don't have to move to another campground. If you're boondocking, you an just turn the rig around, and your window of choice has a different view. :)

    Lots of people have hobbies that keep them busy, too. I don't really have any, but I'd like to learn to knit.

  3. I'd like the chance to get out there & get bored! There's always something to do. In fact, my days fly by, but I'm not your typical RVer right now either...

  4. Everything Me and my Dog said above!! You're not going to get bored that often, with 3 hounds that love to go exploring, just hook up their leashes and head out!! And when they get tired and you get back to the RV just kick back and take a nice nap!! I can set out under my awning for hours with a nice glass of tea or fresh brewed coffee and read my Kindle or read the blogs I follow.....for example, right now I'm setting in a beautiful shaded spot in Lincoln Trail State Park south of Marshall, IL with a nice cup of coffee, overlooking the calm lake, enjoying high 60s temp. and typing this out to you!! In an hour or so, a nice 40ish lady tent camping 3 doors down and myself will go for a nice walk down to the dam and try to spot a bald eagle we saw last night....and perhaps I'll engage her in a nice game of Scrabble afterwards....bored??? Naaaaaaaahhhhh......