January 13, 2013


I have been downsizing off and on this past year and thought I was making great progress. I have taken a "ton" of stuff to goodwill, gave some things away and threw out a lot of 30gl trash bags of stuff.

Why does it feel like things are not disappearing?  I've been buying nothing more than food and gas for the majority of the past year. Some clothes for work but nothing major in purchases.....still I cannot believe how much stuff I still have in this house to get rid of.  Seems like a lot more than I had estimated last spring.

So with the highs today in the mid 30's and rain that started late yesterday afternoon and has not stopped ... I will begin (again) going one room at a time and sorting through stuff that will go to goodwill, trash or give away.....this week!!!

Is it too early to say that after 8 working days on a new job, that I don't like the new job?? It was the job I took when I was kind of "downsized" in December on short notice.

Like I said a few posts ago, this job situation may be my catalyst for getting me into more focused action to get on the road and quit thinking about it.

Even with the cooler temps out west and in Texas, those are still warmer than what I have been living in here in Indiana, so I'll take those 50's and 60's as highs. It was 60's here yesterday and felt great with all the windows in the house open for most of the day.

I am going to an RV Show in Indianapolis next Saturday. I am not going to buy anything new but just wanted to look at different floor plans, etc.

Still looking at Class A's and C's, lots of good prices on used RVs.

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