January 21, 2014

Snow Again and No Change in Plans

I was back at work today after a nice 3 day weekend. Something out of the ordinary, my internet line went out Friday and was not fixed by AT&T until Monday night ... so I had some time to think about plans and read books over the weekend. These past 3 days gave me a "feel" of what retirement will feel like and from those thoughts I know that I am making the right decision this May. That is one decision I have NO hesitation on, nor 2nd thoughts.

The only thing I have been going back and forth on is how much downsizing I need/want to do. Sell the house or keep it, how much more stuff to get rid of ... things that I have thought about since October 2011. I am down to what I would call the basics as far as house possessions. There is really not that much to get rid of. I am thinking when the weather changes in the spring I'll have a yard sale for a couple of weekends and get rid of a lot of it. By that time I plan to have the RV loaded with what I want and will live in the RV until my departure date.

I know, I know I had talked about living in the RV since last fall but this winter has been worse than normal and would be beyond any type of weather I will be staying in the future. For example it was 17 when I drove home today telling me with the wind chill it felt like Minus 8.  Even with a heater, we are not staying in the RV until probably April.  It is still plugged into house power to keep the battery charged and gives me lights when I go out to check out the interior after the storms that have taken place.

So, the majority of time when thinking of my options on the house, possessions, etc ... I still see getting rid of everything that does not fit in the RV, and leaving the house empty with a realtor showing and selling the house while I am gone. I know that is repeated info for most of my followers and something that has been discussed a lot ... but that is the most consistent thought when asking that question.

Basically it boils down to two things. 1) I want to change location.  2) I just don't enjoy the time it takes to maintain a yard and needed house maintenance.

Sure, there will be times of needed maintenance on the RV, similar type of work, but not nearly the amount of time it takes me to keep the house/yard maintained.

So I spent most of the day at work today going over my options spreadsheet, reading different blogs I follow, looking for any more info on some of the RV forums and dreaming of getting out of here.

Is this weather related?

Recently it shows I have posted on days where there is bad weather or some on the way. 

I don't believe this is weather related. It is just a point in time where plans are becoming solid after two years of research. Questions I've had in the past are now being answered (finally) and everything feels good.

I still plan to travel light. I still plan to take 3 hounds with me. I still plan to be in SW Arizona this time next year.

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