February 01, 2014

Just Sitting Winterized and a Flat Rear Tire

How many have changed their own flat tire on a Class C?

All of my tires were filled to 65lbs in November, the day I winterized the rig. Since November, temperature highs have ranged from low 40's to -9. After a couple of major snow storms with a lot of snow stacked on top of the Coachmen, I would check the inside for leaks, water stains on the walls or any water drops on the floor ... all good, nothing leaking.

Luckily the flat tire is on the outside. I put in around 30lbs of air but when I turned off my air compressor I thought I heard a hissing sound. Within 15 minutes that 30lbs of air was gone.

I have some blocks of wood to set my 6 ton jack on, I do have a spare tire fully aired but the ground was already saturated from the melted snow and it's been raining all afternoon and tonight with another snow storm predicted tomorrow.

It could be another week before the weather breaks before I can attempt the tire change.

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