February 01, 2018

The Hounds Are Ahead Of Schedule

The weather was so nice yesterday that we ended up taking a total of 3 walks, the last one with Stella on the retractable leash. It might just me but with warmer weather I am seeing more of these deer hoof prints than I normally do. That may be the reason for Sadie's obsession of wanting to go outside all of the time recently.

Stella enjoy her leisurely stroll yesterday afternoon but it's always at a very slow pace and unlike her morning walks, she never hangs back. Plus she will never stay behind me ... walks by me on the path, gets back on the path I am walking then slows down so I can walk her pace. She is a funny bloodhound and very smart.

Not sure why but I was up and making coffee before any of the hounds even thought of getting up this morning. Once Sadie saw the kitchen lights were on, she was hopping up and down to go outside like every morning. Stella and Heidi joined her as they walk out into the dark while I poured their morning kibble. As soon as they finished eating they were back in the dark bedroom sound asleep.

I was hoping to download all of the updates awaiting me on my laptop, tablet and phone this morning. I had that 50Gb of free data available until 8am. I found my internet connection intermittent just like I left it last night. I was hoping while I slept they would fix whatever issues there were having. I decided to call tech support and found out that the HughesNet engineers were doing network repairs and it would be back up in a couple of hours.

By 8am this morning the HughesNet Gen 5 was fast and all the lights were green. While it down last night, it gave me a chance to use my iPhone hot spot and that tested to be just as fast as Hughes with a download speed of 48Mbps.

This morning just after daybreak Sadie took off tracking scent as soon as her paws hit the field. Stella decided again today to do her own walk and didn't cover much distance.

On our way back I looked to see where Stella was through my 200mm lens and could barely see her tail just a little left of dead center.

More fresh deer hoof tracks very close to the yard. Not sure if the deer were there first and then the ATVs rode following deer tracks last summer or the deer seem to be doing all of their running on the paths made by the ATVs last summer.

Another successful morning walk in the books. It's good to see 'February' has arrived. Hopefully that means just 28 more days of up and down weather. It was cold enough to wear a jacket on the walk this morning but warm enough not to wear gloves. Yet, we were at the highest temp for today at 7:30am ... we start the slow migration downward to 21° by tonight.

A few people have told me by email that I should consider whether my quality of life will improve if I move. My old friend that lives 90 miles away told me to ask myself if any move will be an improvement from what I have now. Those are both hard questions to answer.

Since it seems that more than a few blog readers thought I was buying a house site unseen, I was curious enough to do a google search on that topic  .... 19% of all new home buyers never see their house in person before they buy it. Some are investors, some are military families returning from overseas, some are too far away and other are just too busy. The one common denominator for all the articles I read was to have a very good house inspector look at the house and possibly a contingency walk-thru before putting your name on the dotted line.

My current home and the option of moving are basically 'neck and neck' in a race to the finish. Both towns are rated nice places to live. Both have things that attract you to live there. There are some houses I like and am following but this house has everything I need and it's a great location for the hounds. So who knows what will happen.

The week is almost over here in the face paced life of 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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