August 08, 2021

Baseball Ice Tea & Dog Bones

My period of non-motivation continues as the hounds and the dog and I float through each day drifting at sea. No plans and those that were are not started. I need food but don't want to shop for groceries and not sure I want to take the time to order online. So I guess I will live on ice tea, coffee, David's Pumpkin seeds and baseball. That is really too bad because we just had a week of great weather with high temps in the mid 80s and only sunny days. It is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow so maybe I can get jump started on Tuesday.

The two large knuckle bones are still being chewed on but only after I toss them at opposite ends of the yard. I do that to prevent any more dog fights over the bone they both want. They stay apart most of the time but Henry gets restless soon after and wants the one that Watson has and will walk across the yard with his tail wagging as he makes his plan to take it. Nothing vicious just playful growling and biting as Watson rolls on his back while trying to reach the bone that Henry is taking from him.

This is a good example where Henry wants you to think he is just walking to a different piece on the bone but he is only trying to move closer to Watson's bone. He will circle him and even lie down and watch him chew on the bone before crawling over to get nose to nose.

Once he takes it, it's his. Until I walk out and take it from him, pick up the other that is unattended and I have to hide them inside my grill with the lid closed to keep him from standing up and taking one of them.

Walter isn't amused nor does he care this is all going on outside. He likes the air conditioned house inside and since the other two are outside I normally give him one of the bully sticks I bought a few weeks ago.

By late afternoon it is cool enough to sit out on the patio. My neighbor told me until a few years ago she had a berm of trees, weeds and wild stuff like I do but decided to have it cleared out. It is probably in the easement she says but will probably not be questioned about it. I tend to like my berm the way it is with the trees blocking the view of the field and the houses on the other side of the field. I will clear out the weeds and overgrowth this fall after things die out.

With the Reds winning 8 out of their last 10 games and 5 in a row, I have been on the couch watching almost every one of them, night or day games. Anytime I am on the couch the hounds and the dog are asleep, moving from one spot to another in the next three hours or so.

This is one of Watson's favorite spots to sleep. Between the kitchen table and the utility closet that has my water heater, furnace, washer and drier. Not really a room, more like a long closet covered by six folding doors.

Yes ... he is allowed on the couch. He doesn't have enough strength on his hind legs to get up on his own but can stand with his front paws on it to let me know he wants up. He is growing so fast that it is hard to believe the day to day changes in him.

This was Sunday afternoon during the Reds game.

I am trying a different blend of Gorilla Glue this time. I had a small bottle that was like clear super glue but after one application before I moved, the bottle was hard as a rock when I found it yesterday. So I bought a different kind for all surfaces. One interesting thing in applying this glue, one side of what you are gluing has to be damp. Then for 1-2 hours it is recommended that the items being glued are clamped together or have something heavy sitting on top.

The test is gluing the wood Outwest Bassets tag onto the Apple AirTag that Henry wears. His breeder sent me the tag but by the time it went through the USPS system the small ring had broken off the wood tag. So I will see if this works.

With the wooden tag glued on, the electronics of the AirTag still worked.

A friend of mine decided I needed a new coffee cup and gave this to me last week. It holds a half a cup more than my large Seattle cup I had used for 15 years. Since I want to stay healthy I still make the same amount of coffee and drink two cups in the morning.

I have yet to figure out what the desire was to buy and smoke cigars again. I did this in 2019 after receiving a small box of different cigars for a Christmas present, then stopped last winter. I did not smoke them on a regular basis during the year just when the urge hit me. I am still a little confused about what I like about the habit. Maybe it's part of that boredom thing I get sometimes. It is cheaper than trading and buying cars and trucks though, so I guess that is one good thing about it. This experimental stage will probably pass just like it did before.

I clicked through shows on AppleTv the other night see if what to watch. The shows I have watched last year do not start their second seasons until this fall, maybe one next week. Many shows or movies were tied to an Amazon Prime Account. My free period is finally over after 20 months and now they charge me $4.99 per month. The AppleTv box was free and purchased with my Best Buy rewards points in October 2019.

Best Buy and Apple changed the rules on those reward points compared to a few year ago. I bought a new iMac in March when my old one died and I find out I don't get any reward points for the $1900 I spent.

I tried Netflix once and they had some great shows, the one about behind the scenes of F1 Racing was great. I just didn't like the annual fee increasing like all the other companies do. I can only keep up with a few of the services I have and choose not to do that for all of the services I have tried.

I might have to go back to Amazon Prime though because they have more services than just tv and their use to be fast shipping.

So that is about it from "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. Loved the photos of the pups. I will say that Watson is going by leaps and bounds - amazing. That Henry is really a cagey little guy while Walter is just laid back and appears to go with the flow.

    My husband went through a cigar period and my only request was just smoke them outside. So one day during winter with snow on the ground, I went to the grocery store and post office. Came back home entered the house to the smell of cigar and it was too cold to open windows. Let's just say that didn't happen again. I'm sure you are smoking yours on your deck enjoying your great back yard.

    1. with it being too hot sometimes on the patio I have moved a chair to the north side of the house in front where I have a great view of the field. Yesterday I tested the mystery space between the old house and new add on. Yes, they will always be smoked outside even in the winter, just like in SV.

    2. I might have to buy Watson a kiddy pool. I'd have to keep him outside until he dries off but he keeps trying to get inside the large water bowl outside splashes with this feet, digging through the water when he finds out he cannot sit down in the water. Walter has always been a very good dog and continues to monitor all house activities. Henry may change a little after September 2nd when he is neutered.

  2. Like with calking, I've learned to buy the smallest bottle of glue I can get by with since so many of the new glues seem to 'go off' in the bottle. Though I have to admit I've had good luck with the bottle of clear Gorilla I've been carrying in The Van for a while now.

    Oh, and be careful that Walter isn't rubbing off on you and creating another home-body!

    In fact I just heard that Indiana is one of four states that has added a whole lot, like a couple thousand miles, of bike-trails to it's inventory!

    1. The city mayor is a bicycle enthusiast so things are good in that front with more paths and trails planned.