March 06, 2023

Calm After The Storm

I didn't realize until now that I had not posted here since our tornado warning last Friday. That is how nice the weather had been since then and none of us have been doing much, at least enough to blog about. I'm sitting here right now in the middle of the afternoon, windows open, birds singing and Walter snoring in 75° weather. A week into March that is pretty nice but still plenty of time to change into winter weather.

We were so lazy today that all four of us fell asleep outside on the patio deck. Of course I had a chair to sleep in. Based on the last time I looked at my watch and and what time it was when I opened my eyes ... we had a good 40 minutes of solid sleep. The sun disappeared for a short time by the time we woke up. Henry was sitting next to my leg staring at me, telling me it was time for lunch.

What did we do after that ... moved inside for another two hours of sleep. Middle to the day, some of the best sleep I had all night. That's what happens when you are wide awake and making coffee at 5:00am. 

I took the Z4 out for a drive with the top down this morning. I was able to look for any damage NW of me, if any from Friday's storms. A lot of the power was knocked out, 18,000 customers without electricity and some of them were just getting their electric back on Sunday. Today I saw three beautiful old pine trees that had been pulled right out of a front yard I passed. For the next 15 miles I didn't see any signs of wind damage.

I think you will be able to tell from these few photos, the hounds are low energy today. No fetching, no wrestling with each other ... moving in slow motion ... while Walter spends the day in the computer room ... snoring.

The yard had absorbed all that water by Saturday morning, yet while I walked around the whole yard, Saturday inside the fence picking up limbs and sticks, Sunday outside the fence doing the same thing ... the ground was mushy under my feet.

Yesterday was so nice, I pulled out the old dead leaves from the daffodils on each corner of the garage, cut back rose bushes and trimmed a shrub or two. Then this morning my hamstrings and lower back were screaming at me from that easy bending I did on Saturday and Sunday. I better start getting shape because my "to do" list is increasing by the day. 

It might be a slow day today but it's a beautiful day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. You had beautiful weather in the tropics . Looks like the hounds enjoyed it too.

    1. They do like spending time outside and the past few days were perfect for them. It's getting colder now but that never seems to bother Henry or Watson.

  2. Glad you were all safe from the tornados.

    1. Local TV news last night showed a map of the "tri-state" area and they had confirmed 7 tornados in that area. 3 of them were in the area of town, including where we live. Even a couple of blocks away while walking the hounds on Sunday, utility crews were in a backyard with their crane repairing damage ... we could see them while we walked. So that was close.