August 16, 2012

Is My Job Making the Decision For Me?

After the 4th day in a row this week .... yes, I know, it's Thursday night as I write this, so that is 4 out of 4 job seems to be getting worse and worse.  A job that at one time I really liked but with some major changes out of my control,the past year has made this job a big pain.

I am beginning to think this job situation is "part of the solution" as in motivating me enough to get me out the door and soon.  Long time readers will say, "we have heard this before". Yes you have, but this time it is much different. I have contacted 2 different people about their interest in my home before I stick the sign in the yard. The last 2 people that were interested last spring, first part of summer made different decisions on location. I already know without any doubt what I am finally taking and what I am getting rid of. I am going to be very very busy this weekend.

My RV spreadsheet to analyze different options was important in this process by showing me, that yes, it is ok if I leave after I sell my house or rent it out but one of those two things must happened before I can hit the road due to the reduction in my monthly income. (temporary) Still I have enough pension coming in monthly that I can survive ... and travel ... listen to the waves at the beach for a few days ... feel the warm temps this winter instead of freezing and complaining about it on this blog and seeing some of the pictures from blogs I follow, in person instead of on my monitor.

This job thing is not just something that has taken place to where some readers may think I am acting irrationally or impulsively.  Some of this "circus" has been playing since I got there. In the past, the job was new, I had a different attitude than I do now and I had no plans 2 years ago to retire anytime I decided to put up with it.  Now I have decided I no longer need to nor want to. Life is too short to put up with daily bs that is out of your control.

It's going to be a Class C, that I buy and one that I pay cash for. I have a few manufacture names that I like and will look for. I am not going to be taking all the stuff I thought I was. I am taking only things that I needed. The rest will be sold or donated, nothing will be left in storage. I am going out Saturday morning for a short trip to a RV dealer just to look at some floor plans of C's. This is a small family owned lot where they personally drive all of their inventory from Florida to sell in Indiana.

That is a BIG change in my downsizing philosophy.

I am not having much luck selling my spare set of wheels and tires from my Z4 on Craig's List so I guess I will go where I have been successful at in the past, enough success where I sold fulltime from 2005-2009, and that is eBay.  I know it has changed a lot in the past couple of years but it still gets a lot of traffic for selling used items. I am going to follow Glen's plan where he got rid of most of his stuff on eBay and Craig's List and those small dollars added up.

Any way not much to say other than, after today I realized it was never going to change if I stayed where I was. That is job and location. I am finally going to change them after a lot of years thinking about it but never doing it.  Only the past 10 months of those years of thinking considered the RV lifestyle. Tonight I was back full steam ahead in downsizing and having a specific plan to get this plan in action.

I think the more I looked at my spreadsheet, showing me actual expenditures and income of RVing full time for me or staying with a house and retired, made me decide to go for it now and not wait for May of 2014. A vacation is not an option. These thoughts of leaving the job and area have been going on for more than a few years.

Back to not having enough hours in a day/night to get everything done!


  1. I took more than I needed and dropped stuff off at donation places along the way. I did not put anything in storage. Sounds like a good plan, good luck and I hope you find the perfect rig.

  2. I'm still putting good stuff by the big dumpsters in campgrounds for other people to pick up. I also should give away half the clothes I brought, but... not ready to do that yet. I brought a lot of tank tops and bought a bunch of shorts at Walmart - they have a good selection of colors and leg lengths - and having a good variety keeps me away from laundromats longer. Lots of underwear, too. I can go weeks without having to go to the laundry.

    Two things I brought that I don't use are my Boise radio/CD player and my VitaMix. Both were expensive, and if I'm ever in a stick/bricks house again, I'll want them and won't want to buy them again. They are just stored in the rig. I'm not sorry about anything I sold or donated.

    Good luck - are you going to tell us which brands of RV you are interested in?

    1. I had thought of buying a Bose Radio/CD and I have a VitaMix I use daily. Is it a space issue for not using the VitaMix or takes too much electricity? Of course after I bought the VitaMix, they came out of the Ninja and an Oster model that was $400 cheaper and did the same

      I'm interested in Jayco, Lazy Daze the most while liking floor plans of Winnabego, Coachman. Taking a look at some RV's just to get an idea, Saturday morning and may run up to Indianapolis just to look at Camping Worlds Class C inventory. Not to buy but to look at different rigs. They have the largest inventory within 70 miles from my home.

      I will not change much in what I wear now, minus the clothes I wear to work. Lots of shorts, jeans, tshirts, and cool weather gear for those high altitudes.

      Very excited about the change and lots to do.

  3. Sounds like you are getting some things settled in your mind. You've spent a lot of time thinking and researching so I am sure you will find just what works for you. Good luck.

    1. It is kind of like I thought it would happen. Answers would start to appear and other things would start falling into place to make the move. That is they way it seems as each day passes. Even today (Friday) new information came forward in getting something else checked off the list. Lots to do and very excited.

  4. Wahoo!! Time to get along, lil doggie and get outta Dodge! I'm a bit jealous, as I'm planning on staying put for the winter, but I'm in a cool spot, at least. :)

    1. I've been to Dodge City KS, :) But yes, it is time to get outta Dodge. You need to stay put for a while and heal .... the the traveling will "feel" that much better when you get back on the road.

  5. Progress is good my friend, and you are making it! Can you picture yourself this winter when the snow is piling up in Indiana, setting outside your RV with the hounds around you as you enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise over some mountain range out west??? I can see future blog entries from you in the coming months saying "I made the right decision!!"

    Happy Trails..............

  6. After my trip today, I wish I could leave tomorrow.