November 10, 2013

Not A Lot to Blog About

I thought I should write up a little update for my readers to let them know I have not disappeared from blog land, nor have I changed my mind about anything in my plans or my rig. It has been great weather here in the tropics of southern Indiana this fall and you would think i would have time on weekends to pack up and hit the road for a weekend of any homeowner knows there seems to be something every weekend that needs to be done around the house.  That is the way it has been the past few weeks.

As the hounds show, not a lot to write about...

Winston - Heidi - Sadie
This weekend is finally dry enough to do a possible last yard mowing of the year and a full day of getting rid of leaves. When you have a lot of trees, there's a lot of leaves to get rid of in some form and that takes time. It is also where I will be right after this blog post.

I have gone back and forth on what to do with my Mini Cooper and H3 while traveling. Most of the time I would like to keep them but I am not sure I want them sitting for a year. When I leave in May or earlier I will probably be gone for a full year for the simple reason, I don't want to return to the house just to sit through a Midwestern winter in 2014. So that puts me on the road for a full year. Selling them would probably be the best option.

So I have changed my plan just a little. I will try to sell both vehicles and if I still have them the week before I leave, then I will make arrangements to store them long term. That way it's a win win either way.

So, there is not much excitement to report on, just normal living as a homeowner that wishes they were on the road. The pictures boondocking at the Q or anywhere west for that matter keeps the inner fire alive.

My blog posting will probably be every 2-3 weeks from now on.

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