November 14, 2014

First Snow of the Year

You can stop laughing now .... lol

As big as the snow flakes were last night and how hard it was coming down you would have thought we would have received more snow than just ground cover. By this morning this is about all we had and by noon it was gone.  The snow doesn't bother Sadie, she loves it. Winston has a problem of being so low to the ground there is little clearance if any when he walks and Heidi only goes outside long enough to dump her tanks and then sprints back to the house.

I spent the past few days during my computer time, early morning and then late at night, reading and finally catching up on my blog reading. From blog lists on the other blogs I found some older blogs that I use to follow and added them back to my blog list on the left side. Plus I have moved most of the blogs from Feedly back to the blog list here. No reason, just me, similar to re-arranging furniture I guess.

I wasn't planning on writing anything today since nothing is really going on except the first snow of the year. I know the people in the upper part of the USA would not even call this a snow based on what they have and I understand that.

I was outside planning on taking more pictures when I saw I needed to recharge the camera battery. Then a senior moment occurred when I had no idea where the battery charger was. I looked in all the common places where I keep other battery chargers and then fifteen minutes later I remember putting it my camera bag. I'm afraid it's going to get ugly with my memory when I reach my 70's. Should be fun.

Heidi's skin condition is improving from the photos I posted here a few days ago. That redness occurs right after her bath with PhytoVet CK Antiseptic Shampoo. She is required to have a bath with that every 3-4 days until our next follow-up appointment on November 28. I know you would probably like to see pictures of her at least soaked in suds and water but being a one man operation, taking pictures during that time is not even possible.

She is great though, no fight back, just stands there and acts like she has had a million bathes before.  Her hair is starting to grow back on the bare, raw spots and that's a good sign. I believe within the next two weeks there will be even more improvement before the follow-up appointment. The best thing is getting away from those steroid shots.

My friends asked me on Tuesday what has changed in retirement besides the stress off a job. They are 10-12 years younger than I so retirement is still a few years away for them. I told them it was about what I expected if I were to stay home. Financially you spend what you have. I was told that would be the case and so far it has been like that. I'm still able to save some money just not as much when I was working. Life doesn't stop and there is always something unexpected financially every month. I will be curious to see what my taxes look like this year after working a job for only four months before I retired.

My local college team has their first game of the year tonight. I am not a happy fan right now and the season has not even started but I will keep watching them as usual. It's too long of a story to explain why I am not happy ... different issues with a few players and I'm not a fan of the coach. It will be a very interesting season because of their lack of size on the front line. Yet, they have recruited some great young shooters so that might even out some games with all the 3's they will hit.

This means on the nights there is not an NFL or college Football game, college basketball games will start to fill in the calendar. I can't say that I sit on the couch from start to finish every night and every game, only when IU plays, but I will have it on every night in the background and watch when something is happening. Just a habit that is many years old. Of course the tv is off when I am in my book reading mode.

I started glancing around again at some of the websites selling RVs and trailers. For the first time in a long time I have not been to the usual sites looking at cars and trucks for sale. That tells me the two vehicles that I have are the right ones. In the past I have gone through a lot of different vehicles but haven't had the urge for a change since I traded for the Toyota FJ. I'm still getting 21.4 mpg which surprises me, I was expecting more like 17 mpg with that V6 engine. The Mini Cooper isn't being driven much but is getting 33 mpg.

For future planning and from reading my favorite blogs, it looks like October and November will be the time to be in Utah. Still great weather, crowds of people have gone home and a lot of vacant land to camp and hike on. Then in the winter months I could hang out in SW Arizona and Borrego Springs area. Those bloggers spending time in Mexico have some great photos and it makes it tempting to spend some time there. My only experience being in Mexico was the time when I lived in Carlsbad California and we spent a lot of time in Baja at Ensenada and Rosarito Beach on weekends. I was dogless during those times in the late 70's and early 80's.

All of those carbs are hitting me from that large plate of pasta I had for an early dinner ... I'm headed for a short siesta before the ballgame comes on tv.

It sure doesn't feel like a Friday but that's what happens when you are retired ... lose track of days.

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