January 15, 2015

Thanks For All the Comments

In my last post I asked for comments and ideas concerning pets that are left behind while you might have a medical emergency. Here is my post asking the question, followed by a lot of comments and great ideas.

In the meantime, Al over at The Bayfield Bunch talked about my post on Tuesday and had even more readers suggesting ideas. I think between the both blogs a lot of good ideas have been made, can be implemented, and maybe help some others besides just me.

I've spent the past few weeks looking at the low and high temperatures of different areas out west. I have to say the whole USA is pretty cold lately. Unless you head down to Mexico, Baja, Southern California or Southern Arizona ... there are not a lot of daytime high temperatures. So there is a small pocket of warmth down in the SW corner of Arizona.

I track all of those temps on my iPhone, so at a glance I can tell what it's like, and what's it going to be like for the next few days. After having temperatures in the low teens here in the 'tropics' of southern Indiana, it may reach 50° here on Saturday and mid 40's at a minimum ... that will be a nice change of pace but short lived.

I just wanted to post something short today and thank everyone that commented here and on Al & Kelly's Blog giving some great suggestions.

A lot of simple answers that I could not see.

This morning the temperature had increased to 22° at the time I took these photos, the ground was hard as rock but the hounds still knew they could still smell any visitors that may have came into their yard last night. As usual in cold weather, Heidi was indecisive whether to join the other two. She didn't. Right after her photo, she spun and sprinted for the door to go back inside where it's warmer.

I had my 18-55m lens on the camera and by the time I ran inside to get the 70-210mm, the deer had already sprinted away.

The deer fled when they saw their picture was being taken

Nose always goes to the ground

She never likes cold temperatures
The analyzer

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