January 12, 2015

There Has Always Been an Elephant Sitting in the Room

I guess I have kind of touched on this in the past when discussing RVing with dogs. I haven't really said the exact question about what lingers in back of my mind ... it's the "big elephant" that sits in the corner of my mind. The elephant sits there observing thoughts, conversations on the blog or with friends by email. Maybe it wears a slight smile as it listens.

Through the few emails I have discussed this quetion, no one really seems to have an answer.

I'd like to get as many comments on this question as possible, good or bad ... maybe I'll see something I haven't thought of.

This HUGE question I feel has been my roadblock in making a decision:

I would be traveling solo, mostly boondocking. The home away from home could range from a tent, cargo trailer, Casita, Escape, an Older Class A, or a B+.

In the case of me having a medical emergency while on the road, solo traveling ...

What would happen to my three hounds if something were to happen during my medical emergency?

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