April 22, 2015

Dairy Queen and Apple Computer Photo Issues

Well after all of that hard work over the weekend, the rain on Monday gave me a day off from any kind of effort. I took advantage of that and probably spent more time sleeping than anything. I didn't have a great night of sleeping Sunday night ... I knew the reason.

So I caught up on my lack of sleep on Monday. I now have a better idea what it must feel like to be a basset hound or a bloodhound, as I followed their daily routine.

Probably not good for you but they taste good going down ... Dairy Queen grilled cheeseburgers, with onions, tomatoes, mustard and ketchup. I also added a large order of onion rings to that gut bomb and a large strawberry shake to wash it  all down.

Everytime I do that and after I finish, I say never again ... but a few months down the road, I'll do it again and then spend the majority of the night sleeping in 30 minute periods, waking up with some major heartburn.

So the rain on Monday didn't bother me that much .. the day was a totally wasted day.

With the new changes that Apple has shoved down their user's throats whether they want it or not, the latest update to their Operating System Yosemite has replaced their iPhoto program with something called "Photos". This program is like the one on all the iPhones and iPads but it's a huge change for those with iMacs and MacPros or MacAirs.

It migrated the 24,000 photos I had with a few minor issues of "duplication". I found out yesterday why those photos may look to be duplicated in the Photo program. Luckily I can still use and view all of the self made folders I have put my photos in previously in iPhoto, even though the new program is designed to and would love to do that for me. I hate when that happens.

The one thing I am having to learn is how I treat photos that I want to post to the blog. No longer can I go directly to Photos like I did with iPhoto to pull the photo out of the file to post on the blog ... I have to put photos in a different file that is accessible for the blog to pull them.

The 2nd thing I have been having problems with until I dug through information to find out the fix ... when I would export the photo to the file I had set up for the blog to use, it would export the photo in the original size. Well some of those photos from my Nikon D3200 are huge in size ... like 5-7mgb large per picture. The blog would pull them and post them ok but I have to wonder just how many photos of that size the people at Blogger will tolerate.

Of course the solution to the photo size problem is hidden in a drop down arrow at the time of export. You have to set yourself, otherwise by default, the photo size remains the same as the original size it was loaded.

I love the Apple products that I changed to in October of 2010 but their recent changes to their O/S has had too many bugs when they released it. They don't tell you how to fix things, you have to read forums, or read it on a blog ... for example since I have not changed any of the default settings it has attempted to synchronize my 24,000 photos in to my iPhone that has only a 16Gb hard drive. Go figure...lol.

If I wanted my iPad and iPhone to have all of those photos I would have made my own arrangements to have them transferred. I didn't, so now at some point in time I will have to spend time taking those photos out of my iPhone and iPad.

Back to the diet information. I am finding that my heartburn / acid reflux is occurring more frequently with any kind of food eaten. I guess those late nights of hot salsa, chips with melted cheese are going to happen less and less.

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