September 29, 2018

I Can Tell Heidi Is Feeling A LOT Better

When I said I had forgot to post the photos of Heidi in yesterday's post but they were on my Wordpress blog located on this blog's sidebar, I also forgot that if you are reading this blog on a mobile device you do not see the blog sidebar unless you click the link to see the 'web version' of the blog. So, here are those photos of her exploring a part of the yard she has not be in for a long time. I can tell she is feeling a lot better since pulling the teeth that were causing an infection.

With a few hours before the kickoff to the first college football game on tv today for our weekly 14 hour marathon, our morning walk was normal time. Due to the field being so wet from the morning dew the past month or so our walks started after 9:30am instead of those times that Sadie had me on the path by 8am every morning months ago. That gives Stella time for her short nap that she likes after both of her meals during the day.

I didn't glance at the temps this morning but soon realized it was colder this morning than yesterday. When I got back and checked the iPhone weather app it was showing 52° but by Sunday we will start five straight days with high's in the 80's.

Stella is figuring out that once I start putting one of my pairs of boots on, either hiking or snow boots, that we are heading out and she whines just a little. It must be her way of showing some excitement.

I could tell she was on a mission today and that would be to find all the deer scat possible along our path. During the walk there were a lot of "come on" to keep her moving. I am not sure if I have ever had a bloodhound or a basset hound that is as stubborn as she is.  LOL

I would try to get in front of her to get a better photo but she would trot to pass me, then slow her walk to almost a stop. This goes on more than a few times on today's walks as well as those in past days.

Thick grass does not prevent her nose from finding what she likes. I'll let you guess with what she is doing.

Yes ... I did add color to this photo to bring out the blue sky a little better.

She wasn't going to wait around for me today ... she was on her own walk whether I wanted to come with her or not.

She was doing some faster trotting as I took this. She didn't stop ... just brushed my leg as she trotted right around me and never stopped. I am assuming that she thought I was in her way.

She is not looking back at me to see if I am coming ... she is just estimating the amount of time she has to eat something in the field before I catch up to her and tell her to stop.


She tried a couple of times to sneak off and head next door. I had to double back those times to get her moving back in my direction towards home.

During all of the football games I watch, we still make time for a second or third walk of the day. She will get her lunch on time and she will get to spend some time outside sleeping in the sunshine. Heidi rarely leaves the couch during the games I watch.

I can tell a huge difference in data usage with Firefox Quantum browser compared to when it first came out. I did a lot of internet surfing this morning and had used less than 100Mb of data. It is also much faster loading websites although it still drags working with Flickr when I am uploading all of my photos taken that day for my online backup. Flickr gives you 1Tb of free storage and does not compress the size of your photos like Google Photos do.

I have tried some different creams and ointments on those "elephant skin" spots on Stella and nothing has worked. Sadie also had a couple on her legs that would never go away. Heidi has never had anything like that.

Another beautiful weather day today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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