October 04, 2019

A Few Surprises Today

After getting that good news this morning from my friend that is a PT, I was excited to see what today would bring. It confirmed to me I was doing what I was suppose to do. Basically how my leg/hip reacts will determine what I do the next day. Consequently there were a few noteworthy surprises today.

My hip continues to feel stronger by the day. I can feel more stability each day when I stand up from a chair or get out bed. I do not try to twist at all when I move in the kitchen fixing meals or feeding the hounds. I remember the rules the PT gave me the day I left the hospital on September 8th on how to turn ... but, the doctors office gave me approval to drive again, did that happen today?

After starting the day in the middle of the night, it was slow to develop into the typical day full of sunshine. We had a chance for some rain in the early afternoon but by the time that rolled around there wasn't any chance of rain.

Stella walked into the kitchen half asleep this morning just past 6am to see if just maybe I had changed my mind about serving their breakfast earlier than planned. The answer was still 7am for them to gobble their kibble down.

I had nothing planned today. I was going to hang out, take some time off from walking, read a book and watch some of the MLB Playoff games. Sounded like a good day to me.

It's not rain but there is always some strange wet spots where the rocks are wet from the nighttime. Stella likes to check them out but not before I take a quick glance around the yard for any snakes or spiders.

I could tell as I walked around the house, took some trash outside to the bin and sat down a few times, that my hip was feeling really good today. I decided to take a longer walk today around the block. It's not the perfect square block but there is a big loop inside the neighborhood that would be pretty close to the same size as a city block. I wasn't sure how long it would take me but I've been wanting to do this for a few days now.

As it turned out it was shorter than I thought and as I stepped inside the house, my "outdoor walk" app on the watch just turned 20 minutes in time. A little over .64 of a mile. Stella and Heidi were laying on the patio facing the closed door and once again there were no signs that Stella had tried to dig herself out of the yard while I was gone.

With that finished by 9:18am ... the day was starting to turn out really well. The changing skies were beautiful today.

This is a photo just after sunrise.

My view as I stand just inside the patio, in the shaded part. I don't mind the neighbor's shed nor the tree in his yard ... I still like the view.

Once I let Stella back inside she decided the best place to sleep was right there in the way. That way I could be trapped inside the house and if I wanted to walk again it would have to be in the backyard ... no more trips around the neighborhood without taking her.

Heidi was pretty restless today. She couldn't make up her mind whether to sleep outside in the sunshine while the temps were in the mid-70s or back inside where the house was cool from the breeze moving through the house.

I stood at the fence a long time this afternoon taking in the beauty of this area ... from the Mule mountains on the left, to the mountain on the right that sits inside the Mexican border and over to the Huachuca's. The monsoons have really made everything green. I saw this morning on a Facebook feed that we had a little over 8" this monsoon which is about 3" below average. I got more than that in two straight days back in Indiana in April.

A good view of my backyard walking path. By mid-afternoon I could walk in the shade ... or at least my feet could. Otherwise from the chest up, the sun was pretty hot.

As I was about to finish my first lap around the yard I could tell that Stella was in the "thinking mode" ... I knew what she was getting ready to do ...

In a matter of 30 seconds she went from thinking about it, to flopping over on her side for an afternoon siesta.

By lap number 2, she was in a deep sleep and was that way for almost an hour.

Later on after my siesta I decided to walk again for a few laps ... when I asked she if she wanted to walk with me ... she thought by the way she looked, that I was asking if she wanted to go on her walk ... something we have not done since August 25th, when she had the growth removed from her paw.

I almost forgot ... what were the other surprises???

To change my security code for the garage door, the "home" button was on the main garage door controller hanging on the low garage ceiling. Then I would have 30 seconds to get down and walk to the keypad to enter my new code. I did not want take a chance standing on a ladder but the more I looked at it, I was pretty sure I could stand on my kitchen chair and reach the 'home' button that would start the process.

I used my 'good' leg, the left leg, and stood on the chair with no problem. I never felt like I was going to lose my balance. Taking my time I stepped off the chair with no issues with the surgical side leg/hip. So for the first time in years, even before I bought the house, the neighbor no longer has the security code to get into the house.

Since I was on a roll there was something else I wanted to try.

I have permission to drive but the seat was lower than I could handle in the Mini Cooper. So the other day I raised that seat up as far as it would go. Took my Stanley tape measure to see how it compared to the kitchen chair I've been sitting in for almost 4 weeks. Close enough.

I set the cane up on the driver's door hinge, backed up to the doorway just like I would be getting into any car, then lowered my butt onto the seat. Ahhhhh not bad. Before I swung my legs into the floorboard area, I raised my right leg with my hand just enough where my foot would clear the bottom door rail. I was surprised I didn't have to go too low to get in the raised seat.

Swinging those legs into position under the dash was just like I do when I get in position to lay in bed. I sat there a few minutes to see what kind of muscle reaction I would get. I wasn't driving anywhere today but I had passed the first test, that being able to get in and out of the car without breaking the 90° rule and keeping my knees below or level to my butt when sitting down.

I think my first trip is going to be to The Diner for a cheeseburger and a cup of their hottest chili, which will make me sweat under my eyes ... it's that hot and tastes even better.

It's been a good day. The hounds slept a lot, even I had a siesta for about an hour and I have almost finished a book I bought the other day. Now that I think about it, I might not be able to drive anywhere until Monday. They are having a large bicycle ride this weekend and the main check in point, motels and dinner is being held just around the corner from where I live ... down the street and around the corner down by the main highway ... the place will be packed cars and bicycle riders.

I have enough food to hibernate at home this weekend and miss the mass of new people in town this weekend.

Getting stronger in the Wild West ... I'll be back on the road soon.

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