September 03, 2021

Henry's Neutered - Heated Argument At Vet

Henry was neutered yesterday morning and picking him up turned from the most bizarre vet experiences to a heated argument vet experience. I knew he would be normal when I picked him up after 3pm. As the vet or maybe a tech brought him out and was about to say don't let him jump on the couch or the bed, (he does neither) he was wagging his tail and jumping up on me letting me know he was happy I was back to get him. Walter and Watson were happy to see him.

Since they botched the laser process on Walter I decided this time I would save an extra $55 and have the normal neuter process. That would include stitches but they stitched up Walter last month when it was not suppose to be needed using the laser process. You will see from the photos from this afternoon, that he is recouping well and I have tried all day to keep him less active as per the vet's instructions.

It is what took place before they brought Henry out that started the fire storm. I normally pay the bill before they bring any of the dogs out. So I am standing there with credit card in hand when I see a confused look on the face of the girl trying to find his account on her computer. I spelled out my last name just in case she had spelled it wrong. It is not that hard, spelled just like a first name. Yet she is confused. I stood there and kept my mouth shut.

Then she turned to an inbox of files behind her and looked through all the files of the dogs that had been there today. She THOUGHT she had found the right one and brought it back to the computer to find the invoice. She told me the amount due and since they "upsold" the crap out me last month, I just said "I would like to see the itemized invoice so I know what I am paying for".

I must have hit a nerve because from that point forward things heated up quickly and as you know, I have no patience for bullshit. (I have noticed I am a little irritable since my head injury) As I am looking down through the list of charges, something is strange and I tell her "this is not my dog" ... sure enough I was looking at the invoice of a female dog with a stupid name. That made her more frustrated and mad. So she started yelling at me because "people just pay their bill they don't need to see the invoice" ... Another older co-worker was standing at the other computer, taking phone calls or checking people in. She glanced over many times but said nothing.

So little miss wonderful informs me of all the shots they gave Henry. I said why ... he was here in July getting his one year old check up, and ALL OF THE SHOTS NEEDED. 

Then ... hold your breath ... I hear this. "Your dog has never been this office until today". THAT is when my Irish temper kicked in like a rocket and the verbal war was on. I replied he was here and if you look at that blue rabies tag on his collar it will show your facility as the vet that did that shot. "No, I don't have any record you dog has ever been here .... WE DID YOU A FAVOR TODAY" .... what?

As this went on I was loud and verbal abusive. I did not care who heard me.  IF she would have just stopped talking and pay my bill like I asked so I could leave, none of that would have happened. But she was one of those people that is always right and definitely has to get the last word in. Luckily right after she handed my card back Henry slipped out of his collar wanting to check out this other dog in the lobby so I had to step a few steps to my right to get him. When I asked for my receipt, she said something was wrong and she could not print one.

After arriving home 20 minutes later, I used their "new method of communication" and sent a text asking for not only the receipt for Henry's neutering but all the records of the hounds and the dog so I can give them to my new vet next year. I assured them I was never ever returning to their facility. I received a prompt reply telling me they would be them I the mail this morning. Now, lets see if they show up. I do have copies of invoices but not the exam notes they have of each hound and dog.

I did not like the place DURING my very first visit in June. Although they were highly recommended. After 15 vets in the Evansville area told me they were not taking new clients, a friend suggested this vet in a town about 18 miles away. From the first minute we were in the exam room, I can't remember which hound or dog ... they were upselling me. Hell the first visit with Watson they were wanting to schedule surgery that week to cut his eyelids so they would be "trained for fold over". I told that vet I like to give a bloodhound two years to get fully grown, to let all of his excess skin to fold over and the eye lids will drop as all hounds have. They were by the time we returned visit four weeks later.

I hate being upsold but that seems the way most vets operate now days. So I am back to finding another vet and I have a couple in mind that are recommended, are taking new clients but they are 30-45 minutes away. Henry has dissolvable stitches so he will not need to go back and Walter is set for next year. Watson has his shots good for a year as of August 16 BUT so far he has had only one testicle drop. It will require surgery they told me in August if it doesn't but they don't want to wait until I neuter him.

Yes .. Watson is still around but even in great whether he prefers to lay here instead of outside. Now before  Henry's surgery yesterday morning, weeks before Henry and Walter would play full speed ahead every morning to the point Walter was needing to rest to cool off. 

Of course every morning after his breakfast, he likes to nap in the computer room.

As usual, two bones spread apart and they both want the same one. 

I have been trying to feed my brain as much fat as possible for a better recovery and drinking lots of water. Yet this morning at 2am, after sleeping pretty solid, I wake up because I have a huge numb feeling at the top of my spine and base of my head. It feels like I need an adjustment by a chiropractor. My ex-wife, a PT, tells me I need Craniosacral Therapy to help with that.

I stopped taking Tylenol Extra Strength and Ibuprofen the other day, telling myself I would only use it if the pain was too much to handle. So far today I have taken nothing and haven't the past few days. I did drive today to buy a bag of dog food. Henry's and Walters food supply was getting low to where it looked like it might run out on Monday and I didn't want to take the chance of not having any.

I have bought so much dog food at the Pet Center since moving here, I received another $10 off coupon and when I got home I had an email telling me the next 33# bag of Fromm for large breeds was free. That helps.

Overall I feel good. Most days I feel I am getting better but not today. I am headed to the "bike room", 3rd bedroom, close the door and take some time rolling on my back roller from my head down to my lower back to see if I can get some of the soreness out. I am not riding a bike indoors or outside. Just hanging out enjoying this great weather and trying to take it easy until I feel better.

Weather in the 70s instead of the 90s makes a world of difference in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. That vets office sounds like a real mess! Good luck with finding a better one It's good to see Watson, I hope you feel better soon.& Mary

    1. I was surprised since it came highly recommended. I feel better each day and finding the back roller has really helped how my neck feels these past two days. Watson is growing by the house as expected. Bloodhound puppies grow fast. Thanks.

  2. Doing the right thing to change vets - sounds like this one is a total unorganized mess.

    Please take care and don't overdue so you have a good recovery. Perhaps you should take the ex-wife's suggestion. Need to stay on top of this injury.

    1. The vet is a very busy place in a small small facility. They have 3-4 different vets and a lot of techs, yet it is not hard to have a recored in their system from Henry's visit not even two months ago. I was afraid they had double vaccinated him when she started telling me the shots they gave him the day of his surgery.

      I am trying not to be too active while recovering. I started using a back roller on Thursday afternoon and found in the past two days that has really helped with how my neck feels. Of course I have started a spreadsheet to log in details of how I feel 3x per day just to see if something is changing. Blood Pressure and pulse rate are normal. I will watch that I don't do too much. Thanks.

  3. Tell Walter, he has the right idea, staying inside. He would hate it here in Eugene with all the smoke we have today. It was supposed to clear overnight, but is thicker than ever today. Enjoy the Holiday (oh, yeah, I forgot, every day is a holiday now that you are retired LOL) Take care.

    1. Yes that is what is nice about retirement, every day is a holiday. Hard to believe I passed the seven year mark of retirement. Out of all of us, Walter is the smartest. Does the smoke give you headaches or any kind of allergy issues? I was NOT in "football shape" yesterday, like I use to be.