October 16, 2021

First Chilly Morning In The 40's

Like all my other hounds, these two and the dog are major sports fans. While I watch they sleep. With MLB playoffs (haven't watched) NFL football, College Football, F1 Racing there are a lot of options IF I take time to sit down. Watson keeps me on the go most of the time as does this house and the yard. A little bit more than I estimated as far as yard work and keeping the place clean. Consequently not much has changed in the last nine days since my last post.

Sunday morning early, while eating breakfast, watching the F1 race.

Walter has it under control most of the time. He keeps all of us sane.

They are pretty smart as the move to where the sun is in the yard. When Walter sleeps on the patio you know it's a good day of weather.

I had been outside in back for a while and saw Henry outside with me but couldn't find Watson. As I walked back inside I had my answer, asleep and snoring.

After his 2pm lunch.

Another day and after they eat in the afternoon.

I tried selling my 1957 VW bug before leaving Arizona. That is where the car should have been left. It was designed for forest roads and high desert dirt roads. I sold it a couple of weeks ago and they picked it up yesterday. It's going to be a beach vehicle he thinks down in the Wilmington NC area. If any readers are from there you might see it on the highway some day.

After another exciting Friday, all three of them were dead to the world by 7:30pm last night.

A few years ago I bought an Apple Watch Series 4 so I could monitor my heart rate. Plus when riding my bike, combined with an app called Strava, the watch will show my speed, heart rate, distance and length of of time pulling all the data from the app, while I ride my bike. This is not the first time it has happened the past few years but when it gets too red and too itchy, I give the watch a weekend break and my arm a break. I had not worn any kind of watch for years until I was concerned about my heart rate and bought the Apple Watch after the Fitbits I bought never lasted longer than 6 months without breaking.

With all the open space in the two car garage, yes I sold my 1960 VW single cab pickup truck last Saturday to a local landscaping company, the hounds and I surveyed all the space in the garage. It would be a lot of work and may not happen until next spring when it's warmer but I am thinking of stripping the garage floor of all the years of oil stains, beer stains and whatever else and put the same treatment on the floor that I had in my house in Arizona. It's hard work from what the seller in Arizona told me but well worth it.

Great weather but getting cooler. It feels like fall today but hardly any color to the tree leaves. Thats it for now, enjoy you weekend.


  1. Because I always had my hands inside electronic equipment I never wore a watch or rings, and still don't. The heart rate will just have to be what it is!!

    You better hurry up with that garage floor! Based on past history it's not going to stay empty very long!

    1. You have a point about the heart rate. Won't change no matter what the watch says. If you are screwed you are screwed. LOL It is getting cold enough I feel that I have starting adding to the "to do list 2022"

  2. I stripped my garage floor and prepped it for the flooring with the speckles. It turned out really nice so I did my driveway and walk to the front door too. It still looks good, would look better if I put another coat of the clear coat on it. The hounds and the dog have the perfect life, how many best friends get their own sofa? LOL They look so beautiful. Their hair is so nice.

    1. I have told Henry more than once I want to trade places to him. He has a new routine now. After his breakfast, trip outside then back in bed on my bed to sleep in the dark. Their coats are soft and shinny after I changed food last year..

  3. The photo of Henry licking Watson's nose is absolutely adorable. My favorite photo today.

    We have been having low temps overnight here in the mountains, had a 36 the other morning at 7 AM. Enjoying the beautiful fall weather before winter and the snows come.

    Is my math right and you are down to one vehicle? A Countryman? If so, I think that this is the first time since following your blog that this has happened.

    1. They like each other until there is only one knuckle bone left. They say it does not snow that much here but I kept a few winter things when I moved to AZ.

      Well your math is right but there are rumors of some unreported activity. LOL but right now I have two vehicles with plans of selling one of them to get to one car. The Countryman is long gone, sad because it was a great car. But every time I got in it I was reminded of that Saturday morning taking Stella to the emergency vet where I returned home alone so I got rid of it. If you remember I had that Blue Mini Countryman as my only car from August 2018 to May 2019.