August 16, 2022

The Hounds Relaxed Today

It is always frustrating when Blogger doesn't cooperate when I added all the photos in a specific order while I use their 'compose' page. Some times it works but the majority of time it loads them all in reverse order. That is a lot to correct with 33 photos. So I go into the HTML side, delete everything on that page, reload the photos in the same order as before. Since I am on the HTML side of the page, for some reason Blogger will load the photos in the correct order.

I had a few plans for today but not a lot. What happens with me more than I like to admit is I am doing one project and that leads to another and another and another. By 2:30pm I was done with laying out new top soil in front out by the road, planted new grass seed, did the same where the tree was in front yard and thought I was finished.

While was walking through the grass multiple times I realized it had not been cut in nine days and needed mowed. I ended up mowing the front yard, then both side yards. Inside the fence did not need it since I mowed that on Sunday. By the time I was finished I could think of only one thing to do. Pull my table and chair out to the shade and enjoy a cold one.

That gave the hounds a chance to hang out with me in the shaded backyard and enjoy the 81°with only 56% humidity. I was a great day today and seems to be moving into the early evening feeling the same way. 

It is good to see Watson starting to relax more.

Notice there are no signs of Walter? Not even "dog" I mentioned in the post title.

I cannot believe I washed that patio door window just this past Saturday. What is that??? Three days???

There's Walter as they all run out of the house. I didn't even have to call them, it was that nice outside.

Walter didn't stay outside very long, a minute or two max and disappeared back inside before I could even take another photo of him. Not sure why. AC was turned off, windows open with ceiling fans on. Not sure what is going on with him lately. He has been somewhat anti-social.

Beautiful day.

No wind as you can see from the two flags on that pole.

Watson is finally getting use to seeing people next door and doesn't bark at them as much as he use to.

He moved around the yard today to sleep.

I was gone this morning to Lowes and a quick stop by my friends house on the way back home. They had plenty of time to duplicate Saturday's destruction but it looks untouched. 

I moved the grill 90° to protect that corner of the fence, so that may have been a factor.

It was an enjoyable afternoon outside in the shade. Quiet neighborhood, a mower somewhere being started, some birds and about a 15° difference in temperatures made a huge difference. 

I am going to start roasting my own coffee beans. A friend has turned me on to the green bean supplier he uses, a grinder I need and possibly a French press to stretch the coffee even further.  I have my steel bowl, a plastic bowl the hot beans will be dumped into for 24 hours, a long handled wood spoon to stir as I heat the beans ... should be fun ... and possibly interesting. 

Yet, it might be more 'work' than I want to do for a great cup of coffee or two. I have plenty of time to do all of that, what else am I going to do?  LOL

With all the lawn work, the too large a portion of pasta and a couple of large glasses of iced tea ... it is going to be a good sleeping night in the 60s tonight with the windows open. Like Al says up in Canada ... fall is right around the corner.

A great day today here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana. 


  1. Love the close up photos of Henry - he is so photogenic! We are still in the high 80's along with humidity, thunder storms, etc. Have to go down the hill to San Bernardino tomorrow where it's suppose to be 104 - know that it will be a quick trip to get back up the mountain.

    1. Henry loves the camera. He reminds me a lot of Winston.

    2. the Admirer tells me often Henry is like Winston, his favorite hound.

    3. Looking back at photos of each at the same age, their Mahogany color is identical.

  2. Thanks for the info. I did my first test yesterday and sounds like I will have to blog about it with photos of different stages. I will check out Sweet Marias for some lessons. I bought my beans from Coffee Bean Corral.

  3. Yes, there is a slight difference I heard between the first and second crack.